Pariah (ph)
SoundBath - Concrete Forest
Alternative Metal
Heavy and dirty, slow-tempo vibe.
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Pariah is a two-man acoustic duo that dishes out music at the purest level in its rawest form. With nothing else other than clean vocals and a dependable acoustic guitar, songs are written, composed and recorded in less than 30 minutes at a time. The creative process is indeed something really interesting - somehow, the lyrics and the riffs that were made during the session itself seem to mesh well once combined to form the new core of a track.

The first album was finished in about 10 sessions done during the late Saturday nights between August 8 and December 5 of last year (2003). Twelve tracks were written and almost 400 minutes worth of music was recorded.

Recording and composing for the second album during the 'holy' week of 2004 and three songs have been made so far (Let the Wound Fester being one of them).
Why this name?
We chose Pariah because the first song we ever composed was also called as such. Pariah is another term for an outcast, but such an outcast state music-wise gives us the artistic and philosophical capability and drive to express ourselves in unconventional ways.
Do you play live?
We compose and rehearse at the Shell Tabangao Refinery Clubhouse every Saturday night right around closing time. The only 'live set' we've done so far was one that we did for our friend weeks ago.
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