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Fernando Freitez
NEWS   Apreciados Oyentes:
En este espacio escucharàn una parte de mis Composiciones y algunas ejecuciones en una de las areas que me gusta en la mùsica:El Jazz.Estas grabaciones son tomadas en su mayoria, de momentos casuales y en vivo, algunos demos de mi autoria, y musica no publicada por mi en otros medios, compartiendolas con Ustedes libremente como un momento muy significativo para mi.Agradezco siempre a mis amigos Musicos que han tocado conmigo por disponer de su arte,energia y tiempo.
Espero que disfruten de estas sencillas paginas y

Fernando Freitez Gassàn.
Dear Listeners:
In this space heard a part of my compositions and performances in some of the areas that I like in music: The Jazz.This recordings are taken mostly from casual moments and Live, some demos, and music is not published by me in other ways, by sharing with you freely as a very significant moment to me. All my thanks to my friends Musicians that played with me for having they art, energy and time.
I hope you enjoy these simple pages and
Fernando Freitez G.
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play hi-fi  Bluss(Fernando Freitez.1989SACVEN.2673)
play hi-fi  Delirium Tremens(Virgilio Soteldo)-vers.F.Freitez
play hi-fi  Un Blues para la ciudad(F.Freitez.1998®SACVEN2673)
play hi-fi  FAROLERO.(Fernando Freitez.1989®SACVEN.nº2673)
play hi-fi  Microbios(para Piano)(Fernando Freitez.1984®SACVEN
play hi-fi  LUNARIO(Fernando Freitez.2004SACVEN.n2673)
play hi-fi  Se va la barca(Fernando Freitez.2005SACVEN)
play hi-fi  Buenas Noches(Fernando Freitez.1993®SACVEN.nº2673)
play hi-fi  Seis por izquierdo(Fernando Freitez.1987)
play hi-fi  tarde con chicharras(Fernando Freitez.1987)
Fernando Freitez(Profile):
Composer/Guitarist/Electroacoustical Music.
Self taught guitarist during 5 years; it begins their formal learning of guitar with teacher Rodrigo Riera(1980), conjugating it with jazz shops with Virgilio Soteldo and Electroacustic music with Ricardo Teruel (1987). He assists to seminars with Egberto Gismonti, Leo Brower and Kenny Burrel, while he attended the World Congress of Guitar in Martinique (1982); obtaining in the same one the prize to the best composition -Suite de Pequenos animales de un Pantano - next to Veronique Gillet (Belgium) and Charles Ewanje (Cameroon). In 1990 it publishes their first work as soloist and composer in the Lp Surcos (1990, Fourier). Attempting other turns integrating the intensity of their first experience, Fernando Freitez has worked in other musical fields. It forms next to Veronique Gillet and Carlos Franco the trio TERRACOTTA, music of two guitars and percussion. They record three disks in the Chapelle du Monty, Belgium: Terracotta (1994), Tres Elementos (1996) and SAVIA (1999); published by Acoustic Music Records (Germany). They do few Tours of concerts in Venezuela, Belgium, Germany, Luxemburg,Czech Republic and Hungary. Other incursions have been in groupings of Jazz and in Electroacoustic/Concrete music compositions (professor founder of the class of Electroacustica of the Conservatorio Jacinto Lara), recordings for LP's and CD's of popular music, and incidental music (Lp: Asuntos de Poesia. IUP 1985), music for Teather perfomance, besides having been carried out as professor of the Workshop of Jazz and Improvisation in the Universidad Centro Occidental Lisandro Alvarado (UCLA). At the moment he is a professor from the initiation Workshop to the Jazz in the Conservatory Vicente Emilio Sojo, Electroacoustic Music and Armonia in UPEL Pedagogical University of the Estado Lara.

All composition of Fernando Freitez are registred in Sociedad de Autores y Compositores de Venezuela(SACVEN. No.2673)
Band History:

1990: SURCOS (guitarra solo). FOURIER 1991.Venezuela.(L.P)

1993: TERRACOTA (con V. GILLET y C. FRANCO). Acoustic Music Record.Alemania, 1994.

1995: TRES ELEMENTOS/Terracota (con V. GILLET y C. FRANCO). Acoustic Music Record. Alemania, 1996.

1999: SAVIA /Terracota (con V. GILLET y C. FRANCO). Acoustic Music Record. Alemania, 1999.

2010: EVOCACIÓN. Fernando Freitez. 2010.Venezuela.(C.D)

2014: CONVOLUTION.(Sándor Szábo& Fernando Freitez). Greydisc Records . USA, 2014
(available for download only in : cdbaby)

sample of my Music in this link:

All composition of Fernando Freitez are registred in Sociedad de Autores y Compositores de Venezuela(SACVEN. No.2673)
Your influences?
All sounds of the nature, all music of the world, All classical composer, all Jazz.
Favorite spot?
Equipment used:
Spanish acoustic Guitar(1978),Westone 501(Jazz Guitar)(1979),El Maya 1200 electric Guitar,135 watts fender amp Vibrosonic reverb(1974),cuatro venezolano(1974)
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