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Debbie Day
NEWS   Yes, it finally happened! My Christmas album is now available on iTunes! I know it's not Christmas anymore but hey! I'm kinda jazzed about it!

Debbie Day
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Debbie Day is a ministry oriented composer, vocalist, and rhythm guitarist. Her musical roots are in the folk/rock of the early 70's and in the traditional church setting in which she was raised. The result is an encouraging and uplifting style of music. Her goal is to encourage commitment in Christian communities and give the unbeliever insight into the Christian heart and mind.

Debbie's songwriting began at an early age. Her debut of original material occurred during First Grade Show and Tell. In junior high, she fell in love with the guitar around the campfire at church camp. Upon learning her first three chords on her sister's guitar she realized a way of capturing her music for future use. The desire to write, sing, and perform was born.

In college, Debbie majored in Fine Arts with a music and theatre arts emphasis. She acted in several plays, ran props and lights, built sets and directed. During that time she sang professionally in local pubs and coffee houses as a solo act. Pub crowds were unfulfilling however, and the college town was too small. Debbie moved to Portland to search for better musical opportunities.

In 1986, while on a spiritual retreat called the Walk to Emmaus, God spoke to Debbie's heart and sparked a fire for the living Christ and for songwriting and performing for Him. Debbie's music is now dedicated to the Lord and many doors have been opened.

Debbie has written over 100 songs. A good percentage of these are specifically Christian and all speak from the heart. Her songs search the soul of the growing, seeking, praising and sometimes struggling Christian. The music is folk rock with special emphasis on clarity and meaning. The style is very open to tight harmonies and interesting syncopations. Her songs range from peaceful and reflective to energetic rock.

Debbie has done concerts ranging from one or two friends to congregations of 500 people of all ages. By God's grace, she has warmed hearts, sparked the fire of the Holy Spirit, and brought a tear to some eyes and blessed many hearts.

Debbie is presently singing with the praise band at City's Edge Community Church in Beaverton Oregon. Debbie has a small recording studio in a country log cabin, where she lives with her husband Melvin. Her studio has also become an avenue for other fellow artists in the Portland area. If you are in the Portland area and are looking for reasonably-priced studio time, consider dropping her a line! Debbie also records on location.

Why this name?
My Folks gave it to me and I wouldn't give it back.

Do you play live?
Absoutly! Wherever they let me. Churches, Coffe Houses, Fairs, Camps, Fundraisers, Retreats, big stage when I get the chance. I love it. I really get a big rush of energy and a spiritual boost from involving an audience or congrigation in my music.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It helps people get heard that don't have connections with the big record folks. It also let's the public decide what they like, instead of having the record companies decide for them.

Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Of corse! If it's a good deal that is. I'm really more into doing music than business. If I can get other folks to handle that end of things I can focus more on doing what I love. Writing songs and singing. But I do like being able to weave my life and my music together the way I want to.
Your influences?
The list would take too long to download but I loved the folk songs in the 70s. Then you add some rock and R&B to the mix and make the words really talk about things that are important and you have what makes me want to sing and write music.
I get inspired by people like; Carolyn Arends, Jars of Clay, Dan Fogelberg, Rich Mullins, Casting Crowns, Matt Redomond and about a billion others that give me someting to sink my teeth into.
Favorite spot?
Right here in my log cabin in my little forest near Sherwood, Oregon. Hey, it must be, I keep comming back here.
Equipment used:
I play a Fender Strat with a Boss GT-5 effects petal or my Ginnini Clasical or my Norton Folk guitar with a nice live sounding pickup in it. I have a pretty good stable of mikes and a Mac G3 based studio where I run Cuebase for my basic set up.

Anything else...?
As far as a "special moment" goes, hearing my song on the radio for the first time was so cool I just about drove off the road. I wanted to yell to everybody, "Hey do you hear this?"

If you need a special event speaker or entertainment give me a call. I'm always excited to see where God will use me next!

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