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Retaliation (LOC)
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What up yall! my name is Retaliation and I write music based on experiences. Being through alot of sh*** in my life now i have enough material to be able to relate to most people who enjoy music as much as I do. My main genre is Hardcore Rap and Rock. I also do blues and techno If you wanna listen to something that hasn't been done before give my tracks a listen.
Why this name?
Long story...
Do you play live?
Only at local bars and schools so far, nothing special yet...
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Internet allows an artist to be known be the click of a button. And depending if the listener likes you enough then the word will be spread to a higher extent.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yes, I most definatley would... I am still waiting on the opportunity.
Band History:
Ive spit songs, instrumentals and DJ'ed at my secondary Highschool. The stage experience was friendly since everyone of my buddies came to see my performances but It hasn't sparked much for me next to confidence and respect.
Your influences?
Notorious BIG and Immortal Technique have inspired me the most over all other rappers. The jealousy that people gave biggie kinda reminds me of myself and the truth and purpose in Immortal Technique's lyrics remind me of how i try and write my music because most rap these days in the industry is corrupted, self-centered and usually doesn't mean sh*** all. Immortal Technique proves that stereo-type wrong by spitting the most meaningful aspects of life.
Favorite spot?
London Ontario is my hometown currently and i've gotta say its my favorite that i've lived in so far.
Equipment used:
Using an AKG c 3000b condenser microphone. Standard Apex pop-filter. Apex mic stand. APP2 power supply, Ibanez RG-1985 prestige guitar, RP80 effects pedal. Fruity loops, cool edit pro, Virtual DJ and STANTON STR8-60 turn tables
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