Poppin' Tags (Future Type Beat)
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Dirty Laundry
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play hi-fi  In the Morning (Original)
play hi-fi  A Bridge Too Far in G (Original)
play hi-fi  It's Not You (Original)
play hi-fi  There's a Song Down Here Somewhere (Original)
play hi-fi  Song Down Here Somewhere (SouthWesterly)
play hi-fi  Cold Heart (Original)
play hi-fi  Cold Heart (SouthWesterly)
play hi-fi  My Father's Eyes (Original)
play hi-fi  Maddie's Moon (SouthWesterly)
play hi-fi  Maddie's Moon (Original)
Retired military solo artist; Tex/Americana/Folk singer/songwriter.
Why this name?
'Scratch' is my military handle from active duty days
Do you play live?
Yes. Monthly at Ninfa's Lakeside Restaurant Garden Room...Canyon Lake Texas.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
I play for fun, although I'd love to sell a tune or two...
Band History:
Solo singer/songwriter until May 2012 collaboration to create 'SouthWesterly' with Florida recording artist, Dave Jacobs.
Your influences?
Americana leanings: Fave artists: Neil Young, Dylan, Willie Nelson, Guy Clark, Kris Kristofferson, Rodney Crowell, CSN, Jackson Browne
Favorite spot?
Gruene, TX., Wimberly, TX.
Equipment used:
Guild, Gibson & Santa Cruz 6 & 12 string acoustics; Marshall amps; Lee Oscar harps
Anything else...?
Folks usually refer to much of my music as melancholy/sombre. I'll admit that to about 80% or so of the tunes I compose. We all have trials in life; I tend to write about mine as personal therapy. Many relate to special family members, friends or acquaintenances.
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