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Slackers Radio
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Voice imaging for Professional DJ's & Music Producers WORLDWIDE as well as TV/Radio/Movies. Shadoe is the official voice talent for the legendary DJ Rectangle.

Slackers Radio is the brainchild of Shadoe Haze. Shadoe Haze is a veteran radio personality with 21 years in the business.

Slackers Radio is a mixture of talents, bits, prank phone calls, funny fake commercials, and funny listener calls all rolled up into one. for your very own custom voice imaging.
Why this name?
I used to have a show from 10am to 2pm called "The Morning Show For Slackers." It was a morning show styled show for people that didn't want to get up in time to listen to regular morning shows. It included produced bits, funny calls from listeners, funny fake commercials, and alot of elements you would normally only get from a morning show.

I finally decided that Slackers Radio would be a bigger scene with the inclusion of a myspace page with that name, a website with that name, an AOL instant messenger account in that name so people could IM the show anytime, Slackers Radio gear, and a lot more. It was the next step up from The Morning Show For Slackers.
Do you play live?
Other than public appearances for the station, live broadcasts, and such... no. I do DJ, MC, and organize live events under Shadoe Haze Entertainment however.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It allows the fans to instantly be a part of new things going on with their favorite artists. Alot of people think that it helps people rip off artists but I think that it opens alot of artists up to potential fans that would not have bought their cd because they didn't know who they are. I personally have purchased albums because I got a chance to sample an artists before I bought their work when I wasn't familiar with them before.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yes. I'd love to have my bits, fake ads, prank calls available to my fans via a professionally produced cd.
Favorite spot?
It was New Orleans before Katrina.
Equipment used:
Cool Edit Pro and a PC ... that's it.
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