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Phasho: Witness The Coming (Mixtape) October 2008
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Why this name?
I always been called Phasho....due to the fact I was always saying it..it has also spawns other alias' that connect to the name Phasho..

Phashosky 3 Million
Phashozzle Stikks
Ohsahp (Japenese name)
Do you play live?
Yes, Various Venues, I love it, any given time. performing has been one of the greatest attributes I donate to the entertainment industry due to the fact that I Love being in front of people.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I would have to say that its a 50/50, its hurting as well as aiding.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
it Depends on the deal, nowadays emcees are getting bad deals.s
Band History:
been writing and spitting over beats since I was 11 years old, style as well as influence comes strictly form the east coast...BX BABY!!!!

so fat have been a feature artist on numerous albums, and tracks..currently I am working on a Mixtape entitled: "Witness the Coming", Solo debut album to come shortly after...on Hooded Qobra Ent.

been performing since age 14.
Your influences?
Notorious BIG, Nas, Run DMC, Slick RIck, BIg L, KRS ONE, Public Enemy, NWA, DMX, 2pac, Big Daddy Kane, TLC, Tony Braxton, Aaliyah.....
Favorite spot?
city: Las Vegas, Spot: Radisson Hotel San Bernardino Convention Center
Equipment used:
Whatever Producer Provides
Anything else...?
I'm ready to place my Mark in the Industry, WHat I bring to the table, is a combination of Music, Movie, and COmedy, all rolled into 1, Music is the grand champion of Feelings, for there is no base, and no Reason, sorta like Cause without Effect.
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