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Mr P Chill
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I am an underground hip hop artist from Sacramento, CA. I am currently performing with my live band "Trunk Of Funk". Check us out with Natural Selection on the Will Rap 4 Food Tour, April 1-9 2004!
Why this name?
It was chosen for me years ago.
Do you play live?
Yes. Various nightclubs in N. California. Recently I played at the California State Fair and at the Colonial Theatre opening for Busdriver, 2Mex, & Shapeshifters.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It allows for musicians to reach a broader fan base.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Of course, that would allow me to reach out even more with my music.
Band History:
Enter the mind of Mr. P Chill, hip hop artist, producer, and advocate. Throughout his career as an emcee that began simply as a way to release anger and tension as a youth in 1988, he has always held on to one strong value: don't be a sell out. Always keeping his lyrical structure focused and story lines reflecting his real life, P Chill has an intense knack for striking a nerve with isteners.

Mr. P Chill's first release came with his crew 2 Dope (not to be confused with I.C.P. member Shaggy 2 Dope) in 1992 with a single entitled "Process Of Elimination". This song depicted the domino effect of how one bad event can effect so many. P Chill was then only 18 years old and had decided with fellow group member Double Ace to start their own label 2 DOPE RECORDS to release their music in order to avoid getting lost in the shuffle at a larger label. Much ahead of their time, Chill & Ace's starting of a small independent label was not a common occurrence like it is today with so many small grass roots labels coming out of the woodwork.

In 1993, after much local success with the first single, 2 Dope released their sophomore offering "What Was It For?", a song depicting a liquor store robbery with a twist at the ending. This release also was considered to be a success. Later that same year, they released an EP entitled "The Crew Called 2" which featured remixes of "Process Of Elimination" and "What Was It For?" along with two new songs. After this release, Chill & Ace began work on what would be their labels first national release "Underground Hit List" by G-MACC. P Chill was for the first time featured as a solo artist, not as part of a group, on the songs "Check The Lyrics" and "The Product". In 1996, after performing with 2 Dope for several years with no new releases, P Chill decided to begin a solo record. About halfway through the production, he realized that Double Ace was on every song anyway, so why not make it a 2 Dope album. Finally in late 1997 "You Can't Stop Us" by 2 Dope was released. It was an underground success selling several hundred copies locally in Sacramento,CA & in the San Francisco Bay Area in just a few weeks.

In late 2000, P Chill was ready to finally begin work on his first solo release; an EP titled "Walk In My Shoes". He has already had success in selling this new CD at local record stores in Sacramento & the San Francisco Bay area, at shows, and on his internet web page; www.mrpchill.com. Via the internet, P Chill has been able to establish a fan base that is worldwide. He constantly receives email from fans of underground hip hop as far away as Germany, the UK, & Israel. This is what he describes as his most mature music. In a recent interview with him, he had this to say about his career, "I have changed a lot from the young kid I was when I started (rapping) in 1988. I am a married family man and my lyrics will reflect who I am now. I have always tried to stay real, so how would I sound rapping about things that are not a part of who I am today. But don't think that I am soft, I will still rip the mic to shreds on stage!" And rip the mic he does. P Chill, or Mr. P Chill as he was recently dubbed, is currently touring Northern California making stops at nightclubs in San Francisco, Berkeley, Sacramento, Roseville, Auburn, Coloma, Citrus Heights, & Davis, among other places. Why the name change, it goes along with the new level of maturity that his lyrics represent. If you ask Mr. P Chill, he will just tell you that "it has a ring to it!" Mr. P Chill has recently completed his full length LP, titled "Mr. P Chill" and a 5 song 12" vinyl EP featuring songs from the LP. Mr. P Chill does on average 3 to 6 shows a month to support this new releases. Some recent shows include a live appearance on "Dogghouse Videos" on channel 5 in Davis & Santa Cruz, CA, and a gig at the California State Fair on August 29th, 2003. Mr. P Chill also hosted "Underground Elements", a monthly hip hop showcase, on the last friday of every month at Mexicas Cafe from November 2002 untill June 2003. Mr. P Chill currently hosts "$3 Thursdays" every Thursday at Shady Brady's in Roseville, CA. In addition to all of the shows, Mr. P Chill also has recently made guest appearances on the upcoming Idealistik CD and on DJ Bard's mix CD over in the UK. Mr. P Chill has also been getting radio play on various college radio stations in California, Oregon, Nevada, & Texas.

At age 29, Mr. P Chill appears to be in his prime as he moves forward with his career as an emcee at a rate of speed that shows no sign of stopping any time soon!
Your influences?
Mos Def, Common, Talib Kwali, The Roots, etc
Favorite spot?
I love the San Francisco bay area...good climate, nice people, and a great hip hop vibe!
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