West Coast
Yhung T.O / IAMSU! / SOB x RBE Type Beat | | Buy1Get1FREE!
Christian Rap
If it's hot then give God the glory. If it's not then blame me.
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play hi-fi  Shampoo Ruse
play hi-fi  MXR Phase 100
play hi-fi  Melxowtone Demo
play hi-fi  EHX tube zipper demo by 'TubeZipper'
play hi-fi  Zoom Studio 1201 Pitch Delay
play hi-fi  Dod FX76 Punkifier
play hi-fi  Dod FX65 Stereo Chorus
play hi-fi  Dod FX54 Attacker
play hi-fi  Dod FX52 Classic Fuzz
play hi-fi  Dod FX35 Octoplus
This is my Dod Pedal Demo Page!
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