B. Reid - Ain't No Way (w hook) Ft @iamenostar
Hip Hop
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Keith Chesterton
New School
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play hi-fi  The Banks of the Tyne - Elenor's Erin
play hi-fi  Lament- The Song of the Chanter
play hi-fi  Hambo
play hi-fi  Huntingtone Castle (Traveller)
play hi-fi  Travelling On (Traveller)
play hi-fi  Bliss in Connaught (Traveller)
play hi-fi  Take me where the music's playing (Traveller)
play hi-fi  I.H. (Traveller)
play hi-fi  Soundport Experiment (Traveller)
play hi-fi  Caroline's (Traveller)
My intention was to use this page for original solo fingerstyle guitar pieces. There are also some Acoustic Life Project recordings now too, which are a mixed bag of guitar, mando, uke etc with several songs. Also some tracks courtesy of De Faoite Stringed Instruments on a Samhain guitar I had the pleasure of "minding" for a fortnight.

I have been encouraged, or rather, pestered, to record these tunes by my best mate Glyn, so you can blame him if you don't like them, but please be gentle, because, as he keeps reminding me, he has got feelings. Spurred on by the acquisition of a Zoom H2 recorder which has freed me from the tyranny of mics, mixers, multitracking and excessive editing, I have now recorded in the simplest possible fashion twelve of my own compositions to make the CD he has been hankering for these past few years!

My recorded collaborations with friends can still be found under "Keith & Co".
Why this name?
I blame my parents ;-)
Do you play live?
Yes - worship band every Sunday; pub sessions every fortnight; barn dance band every month or so; other bits and pieces solo or duo from time time; plus incessant playing at home to annoy my family.
Equipment used:
Lowden O25 and S10 acoustic guitars. Fylde Custom Alexander, Fylde Oberon and Ariel acoustic guitars. Plus, occasionally - Larrivee parlour acoustic guitar (now sold). Tacoma papoose acoustic guitar. Fylde Walnut Mandolin and Octavius Bouzouki. Mahalo Uke.
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