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Morly Grey
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Formed in the late 60's, Morly Grey performed as the opening act for Bob Seger , King Crimson , Rundgren , Bloodrock , Gentle Giant , Detroit and others. A spiritual journey through the angst and heartache of the late 60's, Drummer Paul Cassidy , Guitarist Tim Roller and his brother Mark on Bass, take you with them on a mystical jaunt though time and space with screeching guitar solo's, melodic bass runs and frantic drum rolls. This truly is a classic. Over 35 years of continuous sales worldwide with copies of the original LP being auctioned at well over $ 800.00, it has been a rare collector's item. The last three songs feature Drummer Bob LaNave.All The songs were written by Paul Cassidy and the Roller Brothers. Originally titled " The First Supper " the LP " The Only Truth" contains a poster of what would have been the album cover.Originally released in 1972 on the (unpublished) Starshine label,it is now available as a reissued and digitally remastered CD on the Speed Label. This great rock record is one of those amazing classics that you never heard, wish you did, and then wonder why you have not. The music sounds unexpectedly advanced considering the tracks were committed to tape in 1972. You will hear rock, psychedelic sounds reminiscent of The Doors and Jimi Hendrix, and jazz-rock fusion, like on the track "Our Time." For a trio, their sound was an electrifying full exciting new sound that was just starting to make its way into the consciousness of young adventurous musicians. Bands like this jump-started the beginning of many major changes in music. The title track, which is a flat out progressive rock tour de force running over 17 minutes long, brings you full circle from a rocking entrance, to a spaced out eerie middle section, then to a meaningful powerful ending. I do not want to imply that it is something that you would hear today. It sounds more like a formative free form track that develops and comes to a head like a musical eruption exploding from the core of their base sound. The group works very hard to maintain and expand this format in many of their songs. It comes as a shock that they did not continue to record after such a successful recording session as this. One never knows what the circumstances may have been at the time though. One thing I do know, they left their ineradicable mark on early progressive rock.
- Keith"Muzikman"Hannaleck,
Roller Bros. Band
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