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Synthetic Mindset
3rd Life
Beats General
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play hi-fi  tung of war
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play hi-fi  docker
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play hi-fi  Wrongly Convicted
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play hi-fi  Mouth Slapped Shut
Band History:
The name means what you want it to....it is a deskription of the "answer"...... the only true answers are found in yourself...through personal reflection and life experience, trials & tribulations, love, death, art and music. The "mindset" is your reflection, your take. "Synthetic" simply means "man-made". It is not a drug induced frenzy, it means exactly what it states. Don't take anything for granted...don't believe what you're told...don't believe the government, the churches, the countless lying politicians and lawyers and pharmacuticaly owned doctors, the talk show hosts that think they know everything and influence countless mindless thousands, the half retarded bimbos and himbos on reality tv looking for their 15 minutes. The truth is not always what you have been told.
We're not out to write the next emo-pop disney punkmetal song. We're not here to impress you with swoop haircuts and tattoo sleeves while wearing our sister's pre-torn jeans. We've got something to say.....
And if your lookin for trouble....you've found it.

Producer: Juan "Kanky" Carlos
Tracks Recorded at : SoundMindset Studios Tyngsborough, MA / & Crazy Goat studios Brooklyn NY.

EP "Delusions of Grandeur", .....another fine Soundmindset Production now available for purchase through NEWBURY COMICS and Itunes!!!.


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