Mentally High
Mentally High
dont make sence
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dont make sence,b-real on the verses,big on the hook
No Sunshine
New School
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Im hear for the people,my prices are buy one beat get 2 free,im here for the people,LET THE STREETS BE HERD,NOT QUOTED,an im always open for free collabs with producers,an rappers,an when u leave a comment ill leave a comment!
Why this name?
I stay MeNtTaLly HiGh
Do you play live?
a few strip clubs got my ish in rotaion,beats have been used in muti freestyle battles,songs played between sets of concerts in hometown artist concerts
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
its let alot of bum azz rappers use myspace an stuff BUT also lets a lot of hidden talent get that limelight to spread the leaves an get some roots in to the industry
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
only to shady/aftermath,other than that,im on my own
Band History:
started wit a computer an a bootleg copy of fl studios and some insperation lol ( i own it now)
Your influences?
dre,slim(eminem),master-p,storch,wu tang,afro man,jay-z,swollen drums,vtz,shadowville!i!! i also dig saha productions,gp,myself,kanye(notrappin)an 9th wonder
Favorite spot?
naptown,pumpin the music i make thru the heart of america
Equipment used:
a pc,mouse,turntables,mic,or a stick,rock an a dead hampster
Anything else...?
when you herd of me i put you town in a state of emergency,chill no urgency ta burdin me,grim refer,its what people refer ta me. i donno jus off the head like a jimmy hat....thats thats
b real
m-h foo
r.i.p homie
whos dat
wb member of a few years
bein stoopid out front da crib, being busy!
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