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Haven Yates
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Haven was born in Sacramento CA, and during the course of his childhood, he has spent much time moving around the western portion of the United States. At age nine, he committed his life to Jesus at a puppet show. He had been playing the ukelele since the age of six, and at the age of 16, he picked up a guitar and began to learn. Opportunitties to lead worship came instantaniously, but later on came the tests of a true worshiper's heart. Many growing experiences mark his travels to the place he is now. The Lord is faithful; He gives us good gifts. And Haven knows his success in this is totally based first on God's goodness to him, and his obedience to God. He lives ready to go where God will take him. "He has never steered me wrong," Haven says, "and He never will; I believe that because of how He has taken care of me already..."

Haven wrote his first song with music at age 16. This song titled 'Your Son' has aired on KAPL radio in Southern Oregon along with a half dozen others he has written and recorded. Now, over a decade later, his collection of work includes 47 songs. He is currently at work in the studio with his band mates: guitarist and skilled songwriter Matt Nickel, and Pro Tools certified engineer Jon Hendrix, to produce a record fit for nationwide distribution. The best of Haven's work, and best selections from Matt's ever growing library of songs will be included on this collaboration, and filtered through Jon's proven production sensibilities. The three are very excited about the results so far.
Do you play live?
I love to play live! My favorite live performance was performing 'You Leave the 99' at Applegate Christian Fellowship.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It gives more tools to unsigned artists.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Your influences?
PFR, Lifehouse, Coldplay, Switchfoot, Telecast, Grammatrain, All Together Separate, Shaun Groves, The Beatles, Jars of Clay, Kerry Shroy, Jim Wright, Jim Sitter, Demian Norvel...
Favorite spot?
Ruch, Oregon.
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