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Instrumentals with Hooks
John Koutselinis
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play hi-fi  Evil of the Vampires-Trailer
play hi-fi  Black Storm - Trailer
play hi-fi  Remembrance
play hi-fi  Film Trailer
play hi-fi  The Dinorwic Slate Quarry-Outro
play hi-fi  An Ode to Cinematography
play hi-fi  Denoument - Suite
play hi-fi  Evil of the Vampires - End Credits
play hi-fi  Retribution
play hi-fi  Main Titles
Band History:
John Koutselinis has been involved in composition for many years and has collaborated with Mel Smith (Director) for the creation of the Friends jingles on Sky TV (UK), and also composed, orchestrated and produced the music of various commercials for ‘ITV’ and ‘Channel 4’ including Prince William in the ‘Mail on Sunday’, Sally Brompton 2000 in the ‘Mail on Sunday’ and the music of the ‘Aqua Pura’ commercial

Other works include film trailers: Alien 3, The Warriors, and Phsycho 2 for Antenna TV.

Also composed was the music for the Fantasticon Sci-fi convention.A very successful collaboration with John Paladin (the organiser of numerous sci-fi conventions) led to the realisation of a very exiting campaign comprising of Radio commercials broadcasted in Los Angeles.

His concert work for a full symphony orchestra titled ‘Outbursts of Light and Darkness Parts1&2’ has been selected by SPNM’s panel for future performances. This is the second collaboration with the Society for the Promotion of New Music.

The first collaboration was when John won a competition for a film music project lead by the Inspector Morse Composer Barrington Pheloung. John composed the music for two short films in 2008. ‘Red Shoes’ and the award winning ‘Sour Milk’.

The film and music was presented at the Royal Festival Hall (UK)

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