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Cleno Jovanni
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East Coast
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play hi-fi  Your Death Bed Dark Hip-Hop Instrumental
play hi-fi  Day By Day
play hi-fi  That Bayboi Swag
play hi-fi  Blood On The Dance Floor
play hi-fi  Conversaciones Con El Diablo Bay Area Oldschool
play hi-fi  A Broken Hallelujah Classic Hip-Hop
play hi-fi  Meet Your Maker Dark Hip-Hop Beat
play hi-fi  Somethin' Special Laxed Hip-Hop Beat
play hi-fi  Let Me Ride Westcoast Lowrider Beat
play hi-fi  Hopes & Dreams Hip-Hop Beat
The Female Emcee which you see is Cleno Jovanni
Why this name?
It's a mixture of my first and middle name and I think it was unique
Do you play live?
I played live back in 2008, I don't have much time to go and perform. One of the places I've performed in has been at a small event I did for school. It was interesting, I didn't think I'd get all the support and praise that I did and it really build my confidence level. Every now and then I do get slightly nervous but I get over it
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It has changed the industry, it gives more exposure to artist who aren't signed yet it gives you an opportunity to work with people from all over. However, mp3 have been a great source especially if someone doesn't want a whole album. The downside is sales on CDs are going down which hinders an artist who doesn't send out mp3s or other formats.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
No, because I would like to have creative control of what I do. I wouldn't mind signing on to an indie label.
Band History:
I started writing lyrics when I was in middle school, it started off as basic poetry. I wasn't always an avid listener to hip-hop since I didn't grow up with it. I've always digged the music, the beats, and rhyme schemes, never thought I would get in to hip-hop. It's helped with copping with stress since I really couldn't talk my problems out. A pad and pen has always been something I'd use to express myself and it's brought out the emotional side of me. I've started production nearly 7 years ago and never turned back, I got tired of using other peoples beats and decided that I wanted to do my own. I've used different programs to see which I liked for production, to me it doesn't matter as long as it's quality sounds and I can make chill music with it I'm good.
Your influences?
Hip-hop- BZ Jam, E-40 (back in the days), Woodie(R.I.P.), Hed P.E., Linkin Park, Rakim, My Boy BLAZe, Ajaxxx, Immortal Technique, Fort Minor, God-des & She, Notorious B.I.G., 2Pac (RIP), Big Pun (RIP), Vinnie Paz, Jedi Mind Tricks, Nas, Arabian Knightz, Lowkey, Iron sheik (Rapper), 9th Wonder, Alchemist, Wu-Tang, Madskillz, Fat Joe, Jin, Dumbfounded, Kemo The Blaxican, Soldiers Of Fortune, Sicko Soldado, Pyscho Realm, B-Real, Sen Dogg, Kid Frost, The Delinquent Habits, Anthai, Starchild, S.O.F Crew etc
Favorite spot?
The Bay Area!
Equipment used:
Laptop, Motif, Fl Studios, M-Audio Sessions, Reasons, Adobe Audition, Protools, Cubase, Musigenesis, etc
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