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ultra sound
NEWS   News! The CD is underway. Other than that, just go back to your business. Dont you hate these damn popups? I do.
Can't Look Down (w/Hook)
Instrumentals with Hooks
Pop beat with nice acoustic and electric guitars. Hook by Chelsea Davis Produced by
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Beau started playing music at the age of 3 months in the womb. I've won awards ranging from "Peach Pick of the Week" on the local radio station, to "Best Local Retro Band" for my blues band, Blind Slim. I'm currently recording a new CD and influences range from blah blah to blah and blahdy blah records yadda yadda sales in 2001. Just listen to the music dammit.

Beau's music pulls in his time spent in bands playing funk, blues and rock, and, as well, his personal high-tones skills at being a smart ass. I mean, come on, who's writing this thing? My publicist? My Manager? Hell no. You know I'm writing this crap.

I like the boogie. I like the funk. I wish I could play 5 horns at once but hell, I'm lucky if I can get a G outta my guitar half the time.

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Why this name?
It's pretty much the one momma gimme when I come out.
Do you play live?
I play live with my band, now booking at BEAU HALL, and I also play guitar in two other bands here in Atlanta. I'm badass. I play anywhere and everywhere the funk calls me.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I think with my brain. The mp3 changes the music industry because it's levelled the playing field. ANYONE can put out a record now. Which is a BAD THING in a lot of ways. There's folks out there with $500 worth of keys and mics, putting crap out there and calling themselves talented. Hell. Look at me for instance.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Hell no. I'd sooner sleep with a pig. At least I'll know when and how I'm gonna be taken for a ride, if ya know what I mean.
Band History:
Ellwood Swing Club (pop rock - INXS)
Face of Concern
Headquake (heavier, but still poppy)
Press the Flesh
Obscene (grungeternative - odd time sigs, tunings)
Fade To Winter (straight up loud pissed rock)
Blind Slim (blues then blues funk then funk)
The Liz Melendez Execution
Fly (funk rock)
Andrew Black and the Believers
Lola Gulley
Ultra Sound! (Funk with rock and blues and other doodads in there).
and now
Beau Hall
Your influences?
Prince. James Brown. Stevie Ray Vaughan. Keith Richards and Mick Jagger. Stevie Wonder. Sly Stone. More Prince. Chili Peppers. More Prince. Hendrix. Rick James. Bar Kays. Cameo. Soul Sonic Force.
Favorite spot?
Favorite Spot? That sensitive skin right behind my... OH On EARTH? Atlanta.
Equipment used:
Guitars. and Basses. And drums. And drum machines. And microphones. Harmonicas. My VOICE. Violins where I can fit them. Congas. Cowbells. Tamborines. REAL things.
Anything else...?
I'm ready to take this office cubicle by storm, yo. Better watch out, I'm bout to get up on my desk and start doing the JB footwork - HO!
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