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Jeff Oster
TRUE - the new CD from Jeff Oster, is now available!

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2008 Independent Music Award WINNER...


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We've made available a FREE
DOWNLOAD of one of the tracks from Jeff's new CD - TRUE.

Its called SERENGETI - and features the beautiful vocals of Samite, a
powerful and soulful artist from Uganda.

Go ahead and download SERENGETI here:

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TRUE - get your copy now!


"The creation and playing of music should be a wonderous expression
of the truth, a shining glimpse of the human heart in joy or pain.

There is an innocence to this; at least there should be. Jeff Oster
writes and plays music like a child feels sunlight. There's no ego, no
artifice; just the truth.

There have been a million recordings of horn players, some of them
utterly brilliant, but in all these recordings there has never been
anyone who incorporates so many influences or blurs genres or
traditions as gracefully as Jeff Oster does. The elements are
familiar, but the synthesis is unique.

This is a milestone recording."

Will Ackerman
Windham County, VT
June 2007


"I have recorded many of the world's greatest trumpet and flugelhorn
players. In fact, some of the most important that music has to offer.

So of course I thought that I had heard all that the flugelhorn and
trumpet had to say musically.

That was before I had heard and mixed Jeff Oster's wonderful music.

Talk about tone, intonation, phrasing and all things wonderful about
the instrument, Jeff has it all...

Listen to this fabulous music with open ears and open hearts,

Bruce Swedien
Ocala, Florida
April, 2007


"TRUE" - the stunning new release from award-winning chilled jazz
trumpet/flugelhorn artist Jeff Oster.

Think Miles Davis meets Enya...

"TRUE" was recorded in Vermont at Imaginary Road Studios, with Grammy
Award winners Will Ackerman producing, and Corin Nelsen at the board.

Mixed by Bryan Carrigan (Alanis, No Doubt), and
Bruce Swedien (Michael Jackson, Duke Ellington, Count Basie)

Mastered by Bob Ludwig


Jeff's new CD features world class performances from:

Keith Carlock (Steely Dan, Sting) - drums

T. Bone Wolk (Hall and Oates, Carly Simon)- bass and guitar

Michael Manring - fretless bass

Eugene Friesen (Paul Winter Consort) - cello

Philip Aaberg (Peter Gabriel, Elvin Bishop) - piano,synthesizer

Jan Pulsford (Cyndie Lauper,Chico Freeman) - synthesizer, drum

Samite - vocals and mbira

Melissa R. Kaplan (Splashdown, Universal Hall Pass) -vocals

Patrick Gorman - guitar

Noah Wilding - vocals

Derrik Jordan - percussion

Will Ackerman - guitar

TRUE features music composed and arranged by Jeff Oster, working with
co-writers Jan Pulsford (she's composed and performed with Cyndie
Lauper, the Thompson Twins and Chico Freeman), Will Ackerman (Grammy
Award winning guitarist/producer and founder of Windham Hill Records),
Patrick Gorman and Uganda's Samite.

Look for "TRUE" on August 28th, 2007

As you listen, imagine...

Press Kit:
Nights in Berlin
New School
Regular License $50 | Premium License $70 | Professional License $100.
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Jeff's mellow trumpet and flugelhorn will take you places, make you smile, and maybe even cry a little...
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JEFF OSTER: Released
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"Every once in a while, you’ve got to take a chance. This music has been inside and a part of me ever since I started playing the trumpet at the age of eight. What brought it to life was the mad impulse to send an email to someone I’d never met but had always admired. In reaching out to Will Ackerman, I found a friend as well as an artist deeply committed to excellence and beauty.

These songs are a beginning. After four decades of horn playing, it’s about time. I love what we’ve created here. As you listen, imagine what’s possible if you ask for what you want. "

Jeff Oster - Alameda, CA.
Why this name?
It's ME!
Do you play live?
I play often around the San Francisco Bay Area (, and on the road wherever I can.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
You have the chance to hear me. I have the chance to share with you. How beautiful is that?
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
I'm ready...bring it on!!!
Your influences?
Bill Chase, Chet Baker, Miles Davis, Steely Dan, Will Ackerman, Dead Can Dance, The Orb, Pink Floyd
Favorite spot?
Big Sur
Equipment used:
Sonic Acid, ProTools, Live Horns (Bach Stradavarius Trumpet, Yamaha Flugelhorn, Shafer Pocket Trumpet)
Anything else...?
Jeff's music is available for film and TV soundtracks, online projects and radio broadcasts. Go ahead and e-mail him at
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