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Piper McKinnon
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Piper McKinnon is a spry poetic female singer and songwriter from the west coast of Canada. Originally from Victoria BC, she now makes her home across the Straight in Vancouver.
Band History:
Piper McKinnon

When someone dared a 19 year old Piper to sing an old blues song at an open mic jam, they had no idea what they had started. Neither had she! With a natural intuition about music and a ‘good ear’ she marched up on stage and belted out “Love Me Like A Man”… well, that was that. This felt good! She knew that THIS was what she wanted to do.

A few more years and a bit more confidence has seen Piper mature into an accomplished songwriter and recognised talent in the Lower Mainland of BC. Her early influences of Albert King, Bonnie Raitt, and the Little River Band have seen her through several regular performances at the Yale and other local venues.

A FACTOR grant brought the release of her first 8 song album to the acclaim of many of her peers and several bright and shining reviews locally and internationally, even gainingairplay in Europe! “Letterbox” is an introspective mix of songs with elements of truth and imagination lending credibility to this young woman’s abilities to enrapture her audience through prose and musical phrase.

With a ‘myspace’ site proudly handling over ten thousand ‘friends’, she is steadily making her mark on the music world.
Your influences?
Compared to many contemporary female singers and musicians, and drawing on many influences, Piper stacks up favourably to:

Bonnie Raitt
Tori Amos
Sarah McLachlan
Amanda Marshall
Jann Arden
Pat Benatar
Colleen Eccleston
Greta Gaines
Emm Gryner
KT Tunstall
Out of the Rhine
Cowboy Junkies

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