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Leif Willumsen
Big Dreams
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A portraet on Blues player Leif Willumsen
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Leif Willumsen is from Copenhagen in Denmark. He has travelled on the road in Italy, France, Germany, Jugoslavia, and Greece in his younger days. Living as a trubadour and street musician for 10 years.
He is inspired to play the Blues by the English Blues-musician Sam Mitchell who lived and played in Copenhagen for many years.
Why this name?
Our drummer said he would quit if we didnt name the band after me, since it is my music we play. So there it is, - Leif Willumsen Bluesband
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How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I think we should face it. The internet overall never has become what we expected. Too many thiefs are using it as a hunting field to trick people. And this has affected the way the net work for music as well.
Now the music industry seem more comercial than ever when you have to pay for evry song you hear and music keep poping up evrywhere whether you ask for it or not. Of course music has become available much easier than before the internet. But surfing for music is like walking on thin ice, - you never know when it's gonna crack. Or when your gonna get a commercial. Which you can't turn off!
When I first started uploading songs and creating profiles back in the 90's; I did so expecting a number of listeners and maybe some response from the established music industry. But things turned around and villains and crocks took over. Instead of serious offers from real record companies we started receiving countless offers from fake sites offering to marcet our music for money. Now we were the hunted.
Here the mailbox became a ticking time bomb so full of spam evrytime you opened it to look inside and you had no chance to see through it. Then of course came the spam filter and now adays you just delete half your mail before even reading it. But it's like things generate need for more stuff that you didn't really need in the first place.
Along with that came Facebook, twitter, My Space and so on and turned music profiles into contact pages. So that having a music profile anywhere on the net subsequently resulted in numerous offers from people looking for a partner.
Then came the time when ordinary people without any musical experience wanted to perform alongside their idols, - as if it was a human right to do so. X-factor rolled over all media and turned the marcet into a soup of unrecognisable contend. Where were the original musicians?
Like it happened in the 20'th century to books and writing. First people read books and poetry and then decided to also become writers. Creating an obscure book marcet full of ordinary common illiterate crap. 'Monkey see, monkey doo' The same is about to happen to music. Evrybody want's to make music and they expect other people to listen and give an opinion, - sucks! Get a job. Here you have the parent driving their children to perform because they never had any succes themselves. Same old story over and over again. And again the crocks stand ready to turn it into a show and make money. Today what we get to see on TV is mostly people that sing so bad that only their mom think it's good. And so it's called entertainment like when watching a bearded lady in a circus in old times. People are only laughing at these children and they are actually damaged by it. The music marcet is flooded, leaving the honest hard working composer and songwriter drowning, and the audience holding theit hands over their ears.
Before the output of music was at least limited to what came from the recording studios and record companies where as now anyone with a pc can record and produce music. It was a good idea 20 years ago. But now too many people are doing it. And again the crocks stand ready to make money. And there is too much software making it too easy to create music. In a way that you don't need to play any instrument. Just by using samples.
Also there was the music video thing. Starting with MTV back in the 80's. This marched straight on to the internet making music something visible, - which it never was - and never wil be. Close you eyes and listen. What do you see? Music videos are what movies are to books. Something else. Of course its nice to watch live music performing, - but this is not what you get. Along with posing to the music came the porn music. With it's endless pumping beats with stupid lyrics and girls/boys dancing half naked miming some 3 letter song over and over again till people forgot why they started listening in the first place.
All of this alongside the constant threat of the ordinary hacker trying to acces your computer whenever you go online make the internet something less atractive. Far from the center of creative activity.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
What do you mean still. I'd love to sign up.
Band History:
In the summer of 2012 me and drummer Mickey Basso started a band together. We practiced just the two of us drums, guitar and vocals for 6 month. In January 2013 John Jensen joined the band as a bas player. Since then I had a lot of people playing with me. But coming April I will start to paractise with bass player nana Osibio and Keyboard player Carten Breum. Untill now without drummer. But I still do gigs with stand in musicians in the meantime.
Your influences?
Sam Mitchell was the one who got me into the Blues. He lived in Copenhagen for many years and I saw him play many times and talked to him too about music and life in general. Other influences are the beatles wich was the first band I listened to as a kid.
But later its been blues artists like Jimmy Gordon, Lurrie Bell, Albert Collins, Albert King, B.B. King and so on. Old school Blues. Slow Blues is my favorite. Chicago style. But also older forms of Blues from the 30's But electric Blues is what I do with the band.
Favorite spot?
Copenhagen town where I was born. I know every corner of this old town. And I've lived in most areas of the city by now.
Equipment used:
Gibson SG 1968 and Fender 65 Super reverb reissue amplifier.
Anything else...?
I just want to say that forming a band has been a great pleasure. Comming out to the people with your music is something I have missed from the old days on the road to hell and back. Now things start happening just by themselves because you keep playing and people like that. Thats how simple it is.

About Genre:
Genre is to music what language is to the spoken Word. And it go about the same bussiness, - namely exspressing yourself through music. And you often hear musicians say that they hate to be 'boxed in' and that they don't feel they belong to any known genre. But the Problem is that there are too many unidentified genres which people haven't even heard of. And when you ask musiciens to categorize their music they say that they play a mix of many genres. But certain people like certain genres and they search for music within that genre. So find a genre that fit your music.
From a live solo gig
outside mojo bluesbar waiting to go on stage
live with band
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