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NEWS   SPECYAL T PRODUCTIONS is looking for Hip Hop / R&B / Pop Artists to add to our roster! If seriously interested send us your music links! We look forward to hearing from you!
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SPECYAL T PRODUCTIONS are a one- of- a- kind music production and artist development company who's signature are Personalized Songs. Established back in 2005 by the unprecedented talent known as hip hop/r&b artist Specyal T, this unique company specializes in Production, Songwriting and Instrumentation & Theory Instruction! Not to be compared to anyone else, they strive to be completely original in everything they do. Giving their clients and fans ears something to hear that they haven't heard before!

It all began in 2002 with a concept, a ukulele and a tape deck, writing songs for friends birthdays. Now 5 years later with over 30 songs created, SPECYAL T PRODUCTIONS signature CUSTOM-MADE BIRTHDAY SONGS have risen to a whole new level!
Each song is designed to highlight the events of that particular person's life in that year. For example if it was someone's 21st b-day, which is also a milestone, and they had some other fun interesting events happen, then all of that would be showcased in the song. In every person's life, each year brings something different so it doesn't matter if you have already had 1 song done or 10, there is always something NEW and UNIQUE to say!



It's Easy...
1. Submit your name, age, birthday or the person the songs are for [ex. Jill, 23, June 7th]

2. Provide 15-20 fun facts about yourself or the person that the song is for [ex. I love to travel to exotic places or her nickname is "skinny teeth"]

We would then take the information and create a song for you!

*We Also Do Multiples!*

* Custom Themed Songs * TV & Film Instrumentals * Demo & Album Production * Songwriting * Recording * Artist Development * Music Lessons * Live Performances

Anything else...?

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