Echoes (India)
NEWS   Echoes playing Live at Not Just JAzz By the Bay at Churchgate opp the sea face near pizzeria - contact Joe (Manager of the restaurant for bookings) on +91 22 22851876

Dates: 25th July 2008 Friday

Time: 10 pm onwards
Entry Fee: Rs. 200 per person (Stag or couple)

Echoes playing at Hard Rock Cafe on 21st August. Will keep you posted on the entry fee etc.

Timing 9:30 pm onwards..
No Escape (Echoes Original)
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Hey this was a practise session to confirm the format of the song
East Coast
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play hi-fi  Insomnia
Echoes is a Rock Band and has varied influences ranging from Classic Rock to Modern Day Rock and would not want to aim at conforming to any sub - genre. Just would like to be known as a Rock Band. Even though the Indian mentality towards the domestic bands is not so great and judge a bands capability mostly by their renditions of covers - they are getting more and more open to listening to band originals. However Members of Echoes have been engaged in creating originals even before the band's inception. Currently Echoes has 5 originals conceptualised created and ready to be recorded. What drives the band is pure love for good music and re-living the joy of being inspired and drawn together by covering bands that most influenced its members. Founder Members of Echoes are

Soumitra Bhat - Vocals & Guitars
Tapas Rudrapatna - Bass
Agnelo Picardo - Drums &
Abhishek Mhatre - Lead Guitar

Current Line Up is

Abhishek Mhatre - Lead Guitar / Backing Vocals
Shawn Pereira Do Carmo - Vocals / Guitars
Ishaan Krishna - Bass Guitar / Backing Vocals
Ramesh Krishnamurthy - Drums / Percussions
Saakshi Vyaas- Keyboards
Why this name?
Abhishek & Soumitra were the first 2 guys to get this band together and knew each other since they were learning guitar from Guitar Maestro Ravi Iyer. Guitar players are inspired by different aspects of guitaring like
a) Speed
b) Tone
c) Classical Solos and
d) any other inspiration about the instrument.

Soumitra and Abhishek were Tone Freaks. They believed that a guitarist need play only one note but that should move every person in the audience who is listening to it. A Classical example of such kind of guitar playing can be found in Pink Floyd Guitar Solos and thats how the name "Echoes" was formulated as "Echoes" is one of the songs of Pink Floyd.
Do you play live?
Echoes is a regular Band at Not Just Jazz Mumbai (Churchgate). They love to play live and do on stage improvisations to cover renditions and play out their originals. Special Moments - Yes! When "Insomnia" their first original was recorded
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It definately helps give you a lot of recognition. Helps the bands to market themselves and in turn get a shot to fame - however due to the huge amount of online piracy that is happening today - they lose a lot of royalty on their album sales.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yes. Its always an honour.
Your influences?
Musical Influences are (Not in any particular order)
1) Deep Purple
2) Black Sabbath
3) Pink Floyd
4) Eric Clapton
5) Red Hot Chilli Peppers
6) Gary Moore
7) Guns n Roses
8) Metallica
9) Led Zep
10) Linkin Park
11) Breaking Benjamin
12) Black Label Society
13) Megadeth
14) Jethro Tull
15) Rainbow
16) The Doors
17) Testament
18) Santana
19) Dire Straits
20) Hendrix
21) The Who
22) Pearl Jam
23) Stone Temple Pilots
24) REM
25) Sting
Favorite spot?
Cafe Mondegar, Not Just Jazz by the Bay, Hard Rock Cafe, The Tavern
Equipment used:
Guitars: Ibanez, Java
Processors: Pod, Digitech, Zoom
Keyboards: Yamaha
Drums: Mapex, Zildjian, Paiste,
Anything else...?
Looking for Gigs at Blue Frog, Zenzi, Firangi Paani and HArd Rock Cafe in Mumbai and Not Just Jazz by the Bay Pune.
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