Paul Tedeschi
Nights in Berlin
New School
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play hi-fi  Mr Johnson Misbehaves
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play hi-fi  Cub Scouts
play hi-fi  Armor Pajamas
Welcome friends & cyber travelers! I'm just an ordinary, not-at-all-strange or dysfunctional ad agency creative director with a couple guitars, a keyboard and an amazing palm-sized digital recorder called a Zoom PS-02. Most of my songs are conceived in the car -- some are even recorded there -- but everything is finished up legitimately and legally on a computer, which I have receipts for.

Lately, in addition to my trusty PS02, I've been messing around with GarageBand software. Check out You'll find 192kbs downloads of many of my newest songs there.

Musically and lyrically, my songs run the gamut from sweet to sarcastic to stupid. Here again, I want to assure everybody that I am a happy, well-adjusted soul, not deeply tormented with disturbed visions or running from the law or biting the heads off ferrets while listening to Yanni or Raffi or anything like that. Thanks for listening. And thanks to my family and to everyone at the Zoom PS02/PS04 Forum ( for the constant encouragement and support. And thanks to Susan Tedeschi for having the same last name as me, drawing thousands of unsuspecting people to my music.
Anything else...?
I'd like to plug Decker Advertising in Glastonbury CT (Connecticut) and urge everyone who visits my page to visit our agency's spiffy new website at New clients welcome!
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