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Gary Rodriguez
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12-5-2010, I now have photos at:

My blog at:
Dirty Laundry
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play hi-fi  Beethoven, Turkish March, op113
play hi-fi  Bartok, Bela: Boating
play hi-fi  Barrios, Waltz Op 8 No 3
play hi-fi  Danse of the Amazons
play hi-fi  Ponce, Manuel, Suite in D, Gavotte
play hi-fi  Cutting, Anne Markham, Pavana
play hi-fi  Legnani Grand Potpourri Op258 pt 3 of 3
play hi-fi  Legnani Grand Potpourri Op258 pt 2
play hi-fi  Legnani Grand Potpourri Op258 pt 1
play hi-fi  Leclercq Norbert Six Colors Purple
Over 1 million mp3 downloads/plays in my internet career.

Took private lessons from the late virtuoso guitarist, Juan Mercadal.

My method consists of taking the simplest guitar piece and recording it, then I try another a little more difficult, and here I am today. At this time I am not recording because holding the guitar causes pain in my shoulder which brings on headaches. Also, it's hard work and I am running out of music that inspires me.
Why this name?
Blame it on my parents. I was named after Gary Cooper. For the first 20 years of my life, I was the only Gary I ever met, and I was the only Gary Rodriguez in the world.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I would have never been heard if it wasn't for the internet and mp3.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
That isn't going to happen.
Band History:
Born in Detroit MI where I grew up on one of the toughest sts - CASS AV -. Born after radio but before tv. At 5 yrs-old I was a lookout at a crap game. My duty was to yell, "cops!" if I saw a police cruiser go by. At 6 years of age I moved up to selling newspapers on a street corner. My first intellectual job was dusting books in a used-book store at 13. The big benefit was I got to borrow books. to be cont.
Your influences?
Segovia is to guitar players what Adam is to humanity.
Favorite spot?
Biloxi, MS. Guess why.
Equipment used:
classical guitar
Anything else...?
I like to tell stories, photograph and write/record humor. So you might see some of that here, because I have a lot of it.
Church, Grand Cayman
Now I even feel more secure
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