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NEWS   From Our Porch to Your's "Free" Download all songs, and save, or burn your own CD, Hope you enjoy, Tell your country friends also, We do have fun doing this FM radio Show, unrehearsed,If You know someone who would like to be on "Real Live Radio" here in South West Arkansas,Give Billy a Phone Call,at 870-356-4301, Glenwood, Arkansas,
No Sunshine
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play hi-fi  Front Porch Gang Jamming
play hi-fi  Breakin In A Brand New Heart (Lonnie Meeks)
play hi-fi  Kansas City ( Tommy Holder )
play hi-fi  Rollin On The River( Maegan Estes)
play hi-fi  Stuck In Lodi Again ( Ray Lovelace)
play hi-fi  Stroll Across Heaven ( Carl Herrell )
play hi-fi  Six Days On The Road ( Billy Herrell )
play hi-fi  YODELING COWBOY,by 8 Yr. Old Rachael Lynn
play hi-fi  Don't Believe I'll Fall In Love Today(Perry Buster
play hi-fi  Divorce Me C.O.D. (Hank Cunningham)
The "Front Porch Pickin" Staff Band, meets every Tuesday night at Billy's House Of Guitars, Glenwood, Arkansas. To tape a Live,Unrehearsed Radio Show. To be aired Saturday Mornings at 8:AM Over a Network of three Radio this area, Each Show features Artists of Fame, and Artists who have never been on Radio, The Show Has Been running 4 and 1/2 Years, Stage built like a Front Porch,wired to Studio. Live Audience,adds to Old Fashioned Party Atmoaphere
Why this name?
Band Name, Chosen in a Mail in Contest from listeners, The Front Porch Gatherings on week ends to Pick and Sing,has been Traditional many years. Everyone Gets To Partisipate.
Do you play live?
Special Moments. When a Band,Or Top Country Star stops by to join in the Party, to many to name here, Visitors from. LA, to New York. and points between.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
mp3 gives Artists a chance to be heard beyond their own Home Town, Don't think it changes The Music Industry, New Talente Artists, make the changes, and, Listener preference.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Some of the Artists on the Show, I am sure would be intrested in a Major Contract. For now it's just a Front Porch Pickin Party.Country Style.
Band History:
Pretty much covered The Band History, They are all Old Pro's who have paid their dues.Now Staring 8 yr.Old.Cherokee Girl.Yodeler.Rachael Lynn
Your influences?
Musical Influences, We are preserving the old Country Get Togethers. Some Listeners Call the Show. A Reincarnated,Louisiana Hay Ride.As the Radio Stations,are just a few miles north of The Origional Hay Ride.
Favorite spot?
Arkansas, Sitting on The Front Porch with neighbors and friends.Pickin & Singing, on a warm Summer Night,
Equipment used:
Equipment used, Is a Stage built like a Front Porch, Wired to a Studio, Ready to flip a switch,and get on with the Show.
Anything else...?
Stop By and sit a spell with us.Jam Session, Every Wednasday, Starting at 10:AM till,????
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