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Mr. Kushington
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Born May 15th, 1982 in the small town of Waycross Ga. Instead of m first weeks of life being filled with my mothers loving touch and warm kisses, I had to endure long tubes in my nostrils and throat. Born two and a half months premature I began my first battle of overcoming the odds of living life. Once I beat the odds, everyone knew this child would be special! I knew growing up in the small town of Waycross, the chances of being a star, were slim to none, more like nonexistent. However, my mother Thelma Black always kept a positive influence on me. I fell in love with old school music at a young age. My favorite song was "Me and Mrs. Jones". As I grew older I began practicing free-style rap in my bedroom. I would practice alone for hours where I developed my confidence and got my "swagg" down pat. I then began jumping in and out of sessions making a name for myself in my hometown. Still not quite satisfied, I began taking my lyrics from my head to a notepad. As I began to develop my music, my school work was declining. I was kicked out of school weeks before graduation. Instead of transferring to another school, I quit. Like a lot of other young black males, I made te streets my haven. This cost me dearly. Because of wrong decisions, I was incarcerated for a short period of time. It was during my incarceration period that I realized my purpose in life. Coming from a family of singers,I grasped the realization that I was blessed with a GOD given talent, my voice. I knew this was GOD's Will for my life. On March 3, 2004, I prayed and asked GOD for his divine help from this day forward and it was on this day that I went from using my birth name to B.U.D.D.(Better Understood Deep Down) My mother once again a positive influence encouraged him to complete my GED. I feel this is GOD's Will for my life, and when you see and meet me you're looking at a product of GOD's awesome power!!!
Why this name?
I Prayed About It And GOD Answered Me.. I Became B.U.D.D. (Better Understood Deep Down)
Do you play live?
I Perform Live Showz.. Yes I luv The Feeling.. Zoe Summer Groove "07"
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It Helps And It Hurts Because It Can Be A Help To Those Who Take Advatange Of It. But It Also Hurtz The Industry When It Comes To Record Sells, Because You Can Get Anything Off The Internet...
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yes I Would If A Label Would Like To Help Me Fufill GOD's Will For My Life, Which Is My Music, Cause I prayed Bout It To, I'm Willing To Give The Label Everything I Got And More To Take The Label Str-8 To The Top..
Your influences?
Everyone In The Industry Cause I'm Trying To Get Where Their At...
Favorite spot?
Waycross Ga. (Hometown)
Equipment used:
MPC 2000XL, Roland Phantom X6, Trition, Pro Tools, Reason, FL Studio
Anything else...?
Thankz 4 All The Luv & Support & GOD Bless...
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