Invisible Pilgrim (US)
NEWS   I Threw the KORG in the road, with a BBQ fork driven through it's heart.
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play hi-fi  Maximum Synthesia ( For Dylan )
play hi-fi  Tritube To The Filthy Trucker ( Radio edit )
play hi-fi  A Proper Exersize
play hi-fi  Choir Boys
play hi-fi  Warm Cuts
play hi-fi  It's A Short Way Back, Cliff.
play hi-fi  My Windmare Riders
play hi-fi  Red Clay Urn ( A Movement In 4 )
play hi-fi  One More Invisible Sunrise
play hi-fi  Growler Boogie 9.0
Genre: Experimental Electronica (Trance, Ambient,Psychedelica,)
Hometown: St.Augustine, Florida

A TranceRock & psychedelic blend of frightening soundscapes and soothing rythyms, with a dash of the extreme, for good measure. The Invisible Pilgrim was a conceived and created by M.R. McDermitt, after a tour of the Painted Desert, in eastern Oregon. Emulating tape loop pioneers Brian Eno, and Robert Fripp, this experiment has evolved into a massive collection of some of the most original, and psycho-reactive music to date. As electronic and experimental music expanded, the Invisible Pilgrim Project took on a more mainstream approach, and began The ShadowLand Factory, a small recording studio. The unique sounds and stylings are a result of over 30 years in music,with vintage tube and analog equipment, delivered into top-notch digital mastering gear...As the Project unfolds, be sure to check back often for new, and ever-more increasingly fascinating looks into the land beyond the shores of your own imagination.

Invisible Pilgrim has been interviewed on 88.5, WFCF, Flagler College radio, and is on rotation on Bob Blazes' show " Vanishing Point " on Sunday evenings, @ 9:30 pm, and can be heard on iHeart radio.

Why this name?
I can go anywhere and not be seen unless I want to.
Do you play live?
I only play live for special occasions.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
After all these years, it really has changed the industry, but for better or worse, it still remains to be seen.
Thousands of bands are out there, yet the mainstream media has yet to grasp the concept of NEW music, and all of the big record labels will shelve your best work without a second example being Joan Jett...turned down by 28 labels, yet still producing excellent music to this day, with many platinum and gold records....
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
If I had control of ALL facets, possibly...
Band History:
I've seen/heard many different styles, seen many bands, but I've stuck to my "guns", and traveled a path less-trodden....
Your influences?
All music is a kind of power, so you have to be very careful what you create...
Favorite spot?
A bizarre area, in Michigan, known as the Hadley Hills
Equipment used:
KORG Poly 61-M, modified Peavey, Fender, Aria, Kramer, and Hamer guitars, Yamaha, Digitech, Boss, and a few other secret toys of my own design.
Anything else...?
Headphones are recommended, for maximum synthesia.
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