Blue Scheme
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blue: a hue that lies between green and indigo, often said to stir conflicting emotions.

scheme: a plan so secret it hardly knows itself.

blue scheme: what

blue scheme pushes beyond the boundaries of jazz, rock, r&b, funk and soul to create something refreshing and forward-looking, yet familiar and rooted in the traditions of the past.

founded in philadelphia, 2001, this unconventional quintet forges ahead in its mission to explain the world around them through original songs about love and compassion. loneliness and alienation. politics and religion. hallucinogens and kitchen appliances.

nothing is sacred.

but rest assured: one way or another, they will make sure you know about their blue schemes.

blue scheme: who

anam owili-eger - vocals, keyboard

noah farber - keyboard

g. posey - saxophone (tenor, soprano)

tim cichan - bass (electric, acoustic)

tom quirk - drums

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