the schwa sound
NEWS   Hail Mary - #1 on the Post Punk Chart, March 21, 2010
Bully - SoundClick TOP 100 song!

BugEyed Girl - #1 Rock, July 25, 2009
Sun Sun - SoundClick TOP 100 song
You So Hip !! - SoundClick TOP 100 song
The Golden Record - SoundClick TOP 100 song
Sweet & Sour - A SoundClick TOP 100 song
Girl in the Woman at #1 on the Rock Unplugged charts April 20, 2009!
Princess hits #1 on the Alt/Grunge chart, Jan. 18, 2009!
Road Trip Blues, SoundClick Top 100 song!

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New CDEP, CCCP due in June 2010
the sound of schwa
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sweet & sour, our first hit on SoundClick
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Kev, Bill, Chris, some friends still at it!

Why this name?

Do you play live?
Every place we played went out of business within a month. These days we're virtual, I sent some of these tracks to Chris, he sent back the bass tracks, odd that we can still collaborate and I haven't actually seen him in more than a year.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
There's so much more variety, the record industry and the big labels can't dictate what we listen to anymore, I love it this way. Now I love how much music there is out there, more than you have time to find, an immense world of people like me recording songs, sound, everything is different now since we can burn a disc and send it out to whoever can find it.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Only with complete artistic control and retention of rights. Ha! I guess that means "no"
Your influences?
We have loved all kinds of music and have been influenced by all of it. These days I love Incubus and a great band from D.F.
I could name a bunch of others, Chris and Bill could double the list easily. I would send you to check out these two old friends,
Brady Harris

Sean Eden

Chris and Bill count a lot, I depend on their opinions,
Favorite spot?
Chipinque, Monterrey, NL,- Lost Maples State Park in TX,
Equipment used:




Anything else...?
Kev Boyle, songs, lyrics, guitars, violins, other various sounds and instruments,
Chris Bakos - Bass

Bill Savoie - Drums
Old friends still at it.

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