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NEWS   newly uploaded musicks: "sunday sweeps" (werking title), "interference", and "flan". all three are very disparate styles of musick.
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siriusrising is one of many different monikers of central illinois electronic artist, eric young. his musick is a blend of many different styles and influences. taking equally from techno and electro, hip-hop and glitch-hop, siriusrising has woven an intricate tapestry of lush sounds and atmospheres. put on some headphones and get lost in the soundscapes.

Why this name?
damn. now i have to get all philosophical and nerdy on you. :P i've been researching ancient religions and cultures for many years, and almost all religions (christianity included) has some basis in the ancient sumerian and egyptian mysteries. these sects revered sirius, the dog star, as a deity. sirius is the source of all earthly life and is the basis for almost every religion and culture. the world is coming full circle in many ways, most notably in spirituality. this is just my acknowledgement of such. we are experiencing a reflux of these pagan beliefs at this point in history, by no mere chance. the name reflects the growing preponderance of these realities and their assimilation into the consensus.
Do you play live?
i have been approached to play live on many occasions, and i always accept, although i cannot play my songs live. they require many months of preparation before they can be recorded, and it would be even more difficult to perform them. however, i've done a lot of improv soundscaping at art galleries in chicago, as well as djing at clubs in champaign IL before i moved to CHI. i've had some amazing moments djing though my tastes in music that i spin are not necessarily the same as what i perform. musick is a means to enlightenment for me, and djing the "perfect" set is like doing yoga. it exercises my mind, spirit, and body. i'm drained after a performance.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
the internet has changed every industry and will continue to do so until the fall of capitalism. i think that mp3s and filesharing are a beautiful thing. they provide a means of promotion for unsigned artists as well as just generally increasing the universal good, by "sharing the good word". there is no better feeling for me (besides making musick) than discovering a new artist. my goal is to one day own a record label and spend all my time finding unsigned talent.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
yes, but it would depend on which one. i don't care to lose the ownership of my babies. people can _hear_ my musick all they want for free or buy a cd once it's ready, but i'll be damned if someone else is going to take all the payment for the hard werk i've put into it and give me squat. i would sign a contract with a major label, as long as i had the necessary artistic freedom. i'm currently looking at some options that are alternatives to major label distribution, namely a new downloadable cd service.
Band History:
based in the midwestern us, siriusrising has been djing for almost 7 years and has been producing electronic musick for close to 5. hosting a radio show in champaign, IL for 2 1/2 years called "between zero and one" expanded 23's musickal palette and impressed a love for experimenting with sound. much research and care has been put into this musick, utilizing found sounds, embedded brainwaves, and other psycho-acoustic candy to entrance the listener. *headphones and protective gear should be worn at all times, and this should never be listened to while operating a vehicle.*
Your influences?
my musical influences range from plastikman, neuropolitique, autechre, and coil to the grateful dead and pink floyd. my musick sometimes tries to recreate a "peak experience" and sounds as if one is on drugs.
Favorite spot?
my favorite city on earth (that i've been to) is probably chicago. i lived there for a while and i loved every minute of it.
Equipment used:
i am 100% digital for the time being. after a recent theft of EVERYTHING i own, i now produce musick entirely from the computer. i use a number of programs, most notably fl studio and tuareg 2 for the composition, and the editing and mastering is done on adobe audition.
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