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Thomas Shea
TV News Story About Justice
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12/16/12 @ 08:29 AM     post a comment
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This is a news story that KLIN ran on Justice and her music career
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play hi-fi  Baby_Goodbye_Mix_1
play hi-fi  Won't Give Up (Megan)
play hi-fi  Always and Forever (Justice)
play hi-fi  Do You Know? (Justice)
play hi-fi  Wish (Justice)
play hi-fi  Alone Tonight (Megan)
play hi-fi  No In Between (Megan)
play hi-fi  Love Is a Lie (Justice)
play hi-fi  Didn't Mean It (Megan)
play hi-fi  Served (Justice)
I am a song writer. My songs range from general pop to country sounds.

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