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Note: Due to the username being taken, I have added "sound" as a different alias.

Hi everyone, my name is James, other known as KgZ. I am a composer and musican who has been creating music for about two years. I have been playing the piano for about 10 years now, and seldomly play other percussion instruments.

The first program I ever used was MTV Music Generator, which at the time I had no clue what I was doing, nor how music technically worked. I made many songs that were undeniallably awful and earbleeding. Then half a year later I discovered a whole new program called Fruity Loops, which would become my main music composing application. These songs still weren't that great, as I had very little music theory to do anything, and I couldn't understand the program well.

A year later I found a program called Reason, which is the program that I fell in love with. I use that for my compositions today, and I finally found the program that suits me the best. The music posted on this site is all made with Reason 4.0, using a few wavs from Fruity Loops, and mastering with Goldwave/Audacity.

You can find me on a few site forums, and on a couple online music websites as well. My music has also been accepted into Flashflashrevolution, an online simulator of Dance Dance Revolution. You can find the game here.
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