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Edison Freeman
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play hi-fi  5 miles past nowhere
play hi-fi  the blue thing
play hi-fi  ...the cycle...
a long, strange trip has led me here. Music has been a blessing to me, and yet a curse, as it is to many with "the gift". I began to play at age 5, on the lap steel guitar, and by the age of 16 had added all types of guitars to my repertoire, as well as bass, drums, piano, trumpet, and harmonica. I began making my demos to the industry playing all instruments when i was 17, and i haven't stopped.

the color of fire is a mythical band, and yet real. the firm members are myself and the bassist, randy rice. i could give a list of credits and stuff we've done in the past, but music is about now. the moment.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Depends on the contract. I'm not into indentured servitude. I've been signed before and that's what it was...
Your influences?
Led Zeppelin is probably my first influence. The blues with a dose of anglo angst. But I also am a Steely Dan freak, and Miles D. too. I am eclectic (a euphemism for "scattered" LOL). My songs are all over the map.
Favorite spot?
Cancun, Mexico
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