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NEWS   Any body in North East London want to put on an original Hip-hop musical including script and backing tracks
God I Believe
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grand theft auto 4 plus pics to turn u off violence. makes link between urban violence and political violence
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Redave is quite a few people - Me, "Redave", then for the Musical Theatre it's me again, Omari Ramsay, Marcus Brown, Chinazam Nwokonkor, Joanne Okonkwo and Mary Ayinde. Take a look at for more details
Why this name?
"Redave" because red's my fave colour and it sought of describes my views politically and socially. Hey! Ain't it the colour of Love as well?
Do you play live?
Used to play live.... bands called "Backlash" and "Head Waiter"
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Keeps ordinary folks like me from having to pay out constantly to the "Fat Cats" (eg Sony etc)> Keep the Internet FREE!
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
OK. You offering?
Your influences?
Emotional Rock with melody and passion. Beautiful arrangements. Heavyish guitars, pianos/keyboards
Favorite spot?
Cardiff City FC ("Come on the Bluebirds)!!! But seriously............. anywhere beautiful - lakes, mountains etc
Equipment used:
Cubase SX, Rode K2 mike plus several others, loads of music software; two old Mirage Ensoniq keyboards; Gibson SG guitar, cheap acoustic guitar.
Anything else...?
Music needs to express how we feel. It needn't always be about "love". Remember Dylan? Passion, genuineness matters most.
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