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Eternal Imaginarium
play hi-fi Imagine
Red Drum Beats
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Dirty South
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play hi-fi  Youre Mine (Buc Ding) Cover
play hi-fi  Every Night
play hi-fi  Hurricane
play hi-fi  Unsung Heroes
play hi-fi  Extraordinary
play hi-fi  Vikto Beat Freestyle
play hi-fi  2 Deep open verse
play hi-fi  Burn
play hi-fi  In Da Light - Tigah Collab
play hi-fi  A Coward Dies A Thousand Deaths

Alot of the music on my page was produced by Shadowville Productions.
Why this name?
Childhood Nickname
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
For $1,000,000 I would consider it, but they would have to pay me in cash (small bills) or else I would try to kill someone.
Your influences?
Immortal Technique
Favorite spot?
Coco Bongo in Cancun, Mexico
Equipment used:
All sorts of ridiculous japanese technological science fiction looking shit.
Anything else...?
Cobra snakes are scary
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