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play hi-fi  THE SECRET OF LOVE by Carmel Fenech
play hi-fi  WAR ... OBSTRUCTION OF THE LIGHT by A. Katsantonis
play hi-fi  AMANI IWEPO DUNIANI by Ephamaina Mbugua
play hi-fi  WHERE IS YOUR LOVE? by Peter Wu
play hi-fi  PEACE ON EARTH by Glenn Doucette
play hi-fi  REIGN DOWN PEACE by Vince Pace /Portico 77
play hi-fi  SUCH DIE KERZEN by Dirk & Gertrud Schmalenbach
play hi-fi  CONTRAPPUNTO by Dario Skepisi (Schepisi)
play hi-fi  FEAR & HOPE by Eric De Sena
play hi-fi  PLENITUD by Rene Simon
The artists presented here are the WINNERS of the international song contest A SONG FOR PEACE.

Why this name?
The authors' worldwide initiative has kept the name of the contest A SONG FOR PEACE that has brought them together across the oceans.
Do you play live?
Many of the 22 authors do in various countries.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
some of the artist certainly would
Band History:

In 1998, all authors organized in music rights societies, i.e. musicians from 124 countries all over the world, were invited by SMT Rome to "compose original songs inspired by the theme of peace". The contest announcement was published by all international music rights societies as well as on its own internet site (SMT Rome) and official sites connected with the Jubilee Year 2000.

In a diligent selection process, a high-ranking international jury chose the 22 winning songs from a large number of entries from 60 countries all over the world. Personalities like Hal Uplinger (Live Aid) were involved in the organisation of the final concert.

Due to organisational difficulties the final concert was cancelled. The authors have now chosen their project website and individual websites to make their messages heard.
Your influences?
The artists cover a great and fascinating diversity of music styles such as BLUES, POP, ROCK, FOLK, WORLD MUSIC and more.
Anything else...?
Songs are only posted and made available for AUDIO STREAMING with the consent of the respective author represented by JM Schroeder.
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