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Your influences?
It's A Compilation of Life Thus Far...
Fresh Produce, Cold Walk Theme Music, Creole Seasoning, Okra & Shrimp, Optical Beams, High Definition, Late Friday Nights (Early Saturday Mornings), The Walk Home from the Bus with your WalkMan and the Big Headphones, The Trumpets and Voices that Blared during your first (good) "Time", Joe Brown Crowds, SEGA Master System when everybody else had Nintendo, SEGA Genesis when everybody else jocked SNES, Street Fighter II w/ the Chip, The Guile Lock, Double Dragon, Catching the Lake Forest to the Plaza, Fun Arcade Or TILT, Ten Thousand Lakes of Fluid, Polar Bear Breath, The Layup Line Shine, The View From Years on The Bench, Transformers, Lunchroom Tables and Classroom Desks, The Hallway BeatBox, Red Clay, Drips of Peach Juice, Keep Movin's & GUAPtimos, Section-8 $4 Rent, American Ninja, Wake & Bakes, Slow Speeds & Bend Spinnage, The Parking Lot, the 3-AM Mission, The Un-Expected Score, Corner Stores, Foul Bayous, Blown Levies and Gut Funk, The All-Encompassing Effort To Include Who You Are In Your Life's Work, The 5 Seconds NEO + TRINITY Float Above the Clouds.....
A Digital Confrontation.
Favorite spot?
New Orleans, Atlanta, Minneapolis (Twin Cities), Houston
Equipment used:
Does it make sound??

we'll use it.
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