Nick Sirotich Illustrations with Wally's music
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Nick Sirotich Illustrations (my Son) with Wally's Song
Nik O Maus
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play hi-fi  Johnny's Merry Go Round
play hi-fi  the lovely miss horn
play hi-fi  little lamb/ morning waltz
play hi-fi  the gospel 2
play hi-fi  Nik o Maus
play hi-fi  smokey mountain rain
play hi-fi  lost blue love
play hi-fi  summer samba / my spanish omelette
play hi-fi  Ta na na
play hi-fi  barkin' up the wrong tree
Do you play live?
Catch Wally performing live on fridays at the all new PRIME STEAKHOUSE in Port Charlotte Florida starting at the end of october ... Great food ,atmosphere, and piano music ... 530PM till 930
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Its a wonderful opportunity to be an indie and get your stuff to THE WORLD !!! its great! and now, the opportunity to score music for movies!
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
That would be a wonderful opportunity , But personally , I'd like more opportunities to score music for Films. I've done two so far, And I feel very comfortable with the writing custom music .
Band History:
Wally "Gator" Sirotich is an american composer, pianist, songwriter, entertainer,
has spent his Life at the Keyboards backing up some of the Greatest Musicians of our Time.

He has performed live with
Elliott Randall of Steely Dan
"Dangerous" Dan and Frankie Toler of the Gregg Allman Band,
(as a 5 year member of the TOLER BROTHERS BAND )

Dickey Betts and Great Southern
Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin, ( One MAGIC night , just Him and Me )
Rick Danko of the Band,
Bo Diddley,
The Coasters,
Mitch Ryder,
Richey Havens,
Rick Derringer (once with the Toler Brothers Band)
Chris Anderson of The Outlaws
Ricky Kicklighter
The Mambo Brothers and many more!
John Townsend ( Sanford Townsand Band)
he has also performed in several international tours including
italy, sardinia, japan, south korea, panama, much of canada, and all over the USA

Wally also spent years with great bands like "Moonshine Express"
( House Band at the infamous Lone Star Cafe in NY City) ,
Tight Grip, and Wallace Hound,

He has openned concerts for groups such as, Steppenwolf, Marshal Tucker, the Outlaws, MollyHatchet, Johnny Paycheck, Stuff, Levon Helm, Toto, and Jerry Jeff Walker.

aside from his personal recording projects, eight solo albums to his credit, five of which are solo piano compositions, two are in the smooth jazz category, and one a benefit composition and recording
for america's homeless...he is currently playing Solo Piano Gigs, and with South West Florida's
finest blues and jazz artists, and now,happily,writing, recording and playing with the tgz band
Your influences?
Ray Charles, Beatles, Aretha. Chuck Leavell , Allman Brothers. Steely Dan, Miles Davis , Richard Tee , Yellowjackets, Sting, Union Station , Bob Marley, Herbie Hancock, Joe Zawinul,
Joe Sample, Dr. John , Mr Rogers , sounds in the deep woods!
Favorite spot?
Sardinia, Italy, Japan, Idaho, Florida
Equipment used:
2007 Kohler and Campbell Millenium Grand Piano 6'1" ( i love my piano)
yamaha cp4 , Roland VK 7 Organ ... sweet !and believe it or not ,
the new Casio px-320 piano ( what a great little 24 lb. concert grand ! )
Casio px 330, Yamaha P 200 digital piano,
Anything else...?

I require a minimum 30 day notice for schedule changes or cancellations.

Any.changes to our mutual scheduling agreement , verbal or written,
must result in PAYMENT IN FULL ...BY THE VENUE , for my normal compensation (100%)
I would have been paid for the period of time that we agreed upon.

No exceptions to this rule.

I take my commitment to work at your venue very seriously, and I expect you to do the same.

thank you for your business,
wally gator sirotich
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