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Dj and producer.
Band History:
Dj Cosmiko or System on Fire

Actual student at the University of San Carlos from Guatemala, bringing the hand of his musical career Dj and producer of electronic music making your audience reaches the maximum Uplifting.

Born on May 1, 1988 in the Guatemala City, as a common guy, normal and healthy during their childhood is interested in the sounds and as a means of distraction, used bottles and the lids making them sound with a pair of sticks that looked the same.

From a very young age he listened techno music of the 90's as TechnoTronic, Ace of Base and others and with the enthusiasm that the music transmitting programming your radio recorder to get from the radio station to listen to their tracks and over and over again. Since then, he had not discovered his enormous passion for music which serious after a while I wanted to engage.

At the age of 7 start practicing with common instruments such as the flute The keyboard and guitar without reaching a remarkable level of learning. Passing the years, parents decide move to a town called Amatitln, about 32 km from the capital city of Guatemala. Since then the parents are frustrated with the change were to take place, not like to think about the fact you are going to move but without seeing that it was the right place to start as an artist and in that place beautiful picturesque and very kind.

At those times not dedicated to the music and leave as a hobby, are dedicated to the study, sport and just listen without leave to love electronic music, but within the feeling that something was missing, some big but not knew what it was. Over time and with 17-year-old high school starts and look at what computers (PCs) and starts to get to production and practise more mixing, carrying a technique that was just polishing according time. The practice was scheduled rhythms of trance, techno, house, and vocal trance.

He begins to investigate more about the DJ'S around the world and how to make their own tracks through computers, interested and fascinated begin full production and the mixing. Working approximately 8 hours per day achieved the arming its First project called "THIS IS MY FIRST TIME? decides to assemble a demo with its own funds containing 2 draft presentation to bring to radio stations in Guatemala and sent to several American cities. But after a while does not receive answers and decided to look for a sponsor to help you on leave, but for the lack of trust the artist in this country is not successful and decides to start from scratch and try to refine its sound so that the labels are interested.

With time called the criticisms to their school friends, neighbors criticizing his music but not understand simply because they had no culture of this type of music. He began to look for new trends which lies AVB (Armin Van Buuren), Paul Van Dyk, ATB, Lasgo, Darude, Yoji Biomehanika and Sesto Sento thus achieving a more remarkable maturity in his music and wearing a trance sound more ready including Set a power over his audience.

During his high school culmination of the entire year devoted to music Mixing for a club called EXTASIS in a suburb of El Salvador, which had a wide audience taste for electronics and was faithful in their attendance, thereby becoming the start searching new ways to be able to make themselves known, taking advantage of new trends that go out and bring up something she likes to people of Guatemala and the rest of the continent. Currently mixture through September Computers doing a totally live, perfecting his music including combinations of Psy Trance or Psytekk, Trance melodic, Techno, Trance, House and Progresive.
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