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Crown Wood
On My Lane
West Coast
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play hi-fi  Playaz Dilemma(I see you) Ft Ayaan
play hi-fi  ' Here I StanD '
play hi-fi  MY CLICK (~! FOR REAL PEOPLE, CW respecting them )
play hi-fi  Get Hurt (~*UP COMING ALBUM RELEASE*~)
play hi-fi  Duffle Bag Boi... (~*HOT BANGA*~)
play hi-fi  Dolla Bills (FOR THOSE TRYNAGET DEM D's)
play hi-fi  Im Trill (~FEEL GOOD MUZIK~ FOR TRILL NIGGs)
play hi-fi  Get it on, MIXTAPE EDITION (can't reach'em remix)
play hi-fi  Harder(~ HARD n***S ANTHEM ~)Lyrical assasination
play hi-fi  A Good Pair (~THAT TRACK YOU DEDICATE TO HER~)
Why this name?
Crown Wood, Kings of the Jungle........Will elaborate more when Page fully prepared
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
OFFCOURSE..........hey if you like our music and you in the Music indurty Promote us......sign us...let us pread our voice all over dis terrain.
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