DialogMusik 88 - Humming House
Dirty Laundry
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play hi-fi  Function
play hi-fi  Chemical Mistery
play hi-fi  Wazzupwitchya
play hi-fi  Drum on my bass trip
play hi-fi  Get heat-stopped
play hi-fi  F--ight night
play hi-fi  Encuéntreme de noche
play hi-fi  Go drummed craze
play hi-fi  Synth into my minimal
play hi-fi  Trippin´drum
Dj Blush is a female DJ in São Paulo, Brazil. Very eclectic, fan of mixes and best of electro [pop/rock], post-punk rock, minimal and synth pop styles from the alternative scene.

For more, visit www.djblush.blogspot.com or
MySpace, www.myspace.com/dj_blush_sp

Blush is also a songwriter.
Band History:
“With her eclectic sets, DJ Blush proves that a club DJ is not limited to the overplayed thumping techno beat. Her influences bounce around from experimental founding fathers Kraftwerk, to the oversampled Daft Punk spun with the synthpop merriment of Depeche Mode, strung with the indie sounds of groups like Le Tigre and The Gossip.”
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