Jokerr, Descendant & Masetti - Get To Me
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Official SoundClick of whiteout aka Dawk Suice aka p. ÔéČuro aka Saiyan Gosling aka The PillsBury FlowBoy aka THZZRDKNG aka 2oclockbeanfiend aka Angel Pagan, The OxyMoron: VIBE Magazine+Eminem's #3 Stan | Tupac historian | Poet | Journalist | C.A.E. | Hip-Hop MC | Music Producer

Mark Andrew Santa (1984-2007)
Marc Raymond Pearson (1986-2010)
Rest In Paradise

Why this name?
My friend Chris Caruthers came up with it when we were in high school (11th or 12th grade, I forget.) [NOTE: My name is in all lower-case now: whiteout.] My alias Dawk Suice was given to me by my friend and fellow MC J-Doza (known then as WordPlay) back in 2003.
Do you play live?
Performed a couple times with my friend CREAM (Heavy-Ness) at Underground Bluz in Orlando, FL (Kirkman/Conroy) and once in the SAC Pit at DePaul University, Chicago, IL.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
The internet and .mp3's will eventually destroy the music industry, as far as sales are concerned. Soon enough, most, if not all, record labels will go under, because they will no longer be willing to put up any money to make an album, hence, they will no longer be needed (I'm talking mostly about new artists who need to be promoted.) Only artists who were established (and I'm talking Eminem and the likes) before the internet age will be able to sell records any more. Eventually even they probably won't be able to. It is promising though, as there are plenty of underground/independent artists who have continued to put out good music, despite their lack of commercial success. In the end, only the great artists will stand. While the internet and .mp3's may hurt the music BUSINESS, the music itself, the art, will benefit in the end. Alright, I'm rambling.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
"Does a bear sh*** in the woods n whipe his ass with a fluffy white rabbit?"
Band History:
whiteout (@whiteoutgotu) aka Dawk Suice aka The PillsBury FlowBoy aka Angel Pagan, The OxyMoron: MC/C.A.E./Promoter (Rich Quick/SiNISTER/Charlie Blaze)/Producer

Born: Minneapolis, MN, USA on July, 24, 1984.
Hometown: Pembroke Pines, FL, USA (suburb of Ft. Lauderdale)
High School: Charles W. Flanagan High School, Pembroke Pines, FL, USA (Graduated 2002)
College: DePaul University, Chicago, IL, USA (Attended one year)
Technical School: Audio Recording Technology Institute, Orlando, FL, USA (Graduated May 5, 2005 - Certified Audio Engineer)

Your influences?
Tupac Shakur, Marshall Mathers, Christopher Wallace, Nasir Jones, Lamont Coleman, John Austin, Earl Simmons, Calvin Broadus, Clifford Smith, Aaron Yates, Andrew Jackson, Richard Strey, Andrew Coutrier
Favorite spot?
Chicago and San Francisco are two of my favorite cities, although I've been as far away as Tanzania, Africa, which was incredible.
Equipment used:
Dell Inspiron 2600; Adobe Audition 1.5; Behringer Eurorack UB1204-Pro mixer; Marshall MXL 2003 condenser microphone [NOTE: New computer and microphone are in use now. This information will be updated soon.]
Anything else...?
WHATTUP!!! Marvelous, Holladay, A-Boy, eMac, Bullet, Venom, Dizzy, Darnell, Hutch, Reace (Moe), P.A.,Deez, Don Twan, Trent, Big E (Monark), Smoo, Sons of One, Flow 4 Flow Ent., Kartoon, Chris Leese (Rolex), Cassius, Ed James, Rich Quick, SiNister, DZK, Haruspex, Deadbeat, Brezz, Warpath (Abbadon), Ants, Nate (Innate), Krytacize, Em-Jey, Jon Lippe, Lyrical Fusion, VizionX1, WordPlay (thats my DOGG), Point Game (Shotty Full Clip) [RIP], Rob Viktum, Shawn Lov (everyone should know who this guy is), Agentspits, Irvo, 2 O'Clock (2-Train), Worth-It Records, Yaasmyn Fula
new era mcs
@whiteoutgotu (Tallahassee setup)
@whiteoutgotu x @mrgreenweedz
@whiteoutgotu paying respects to the Biggie
@whiteoutgotu x @JoeBudden (11.17.9)
Flamingo Road/Koval Lane, Las Vegas, NV
Mark Santa, Rest In Paradise
Marvelous, WhiteOut
more lost @whiteoutgotu recordings c/o Warpath
beat that!
@whiteoutgotu x @TechN9ne 11.17.9
@whiteoutgotu x @JoeBudden
yeah!!! that's right!
@whiteoutgotu x @RichMFNQuick x @CharlieBlaze23
@whiteoutgotu x @pharoahemonch
@whiteoutgotu x @MichaelRapaport @ MIA
@whiteoutgotu lost tracks (thx, Warpath)
@whiteoutgotu x @sinister
personalized autographed @ShawnLov unreleased demo
@whiteoutgotu x @RichMFNQuick x @CharlieBlaze23
@whiteoutgotu x @KrizzKaliko 11.17.9
@whiteoutgotu X @therealBIGSCOOB x @gmalone
@whiteoutgotu x @KuttCalhoun 11.17.9
@whiteoutgotu x The G.O.A.T. (@TechN9ne) 11.17.9
@whiteoutgotu = No. 3 Stan (ask VIBE+Marshall)
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