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Otherworld Audio
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Uncle Samuel
lady love
Alternative General
Cruise song with the Lady,bit of fantasy, big car, dream away.
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play hi-fi  Hurricane
play hi-fi  In Search
play hi-fi  Watching Redone
play hi-fi  Fuel Injected
play hi-fi  Concept Piece
play hi-fi  SQO Main Theme Fanfare
play hi-fi  SQO Main Theme
play hi-fi  Temple of the Valkyrie
play hi-fi  Darkworld Intro v2
play hi-fi  Valley of Awe
Otherworld Audio is a new entity dedicated to providing high-quality music for game-related projects.
Why this name?
Most of the music produced by Pete Marquardt and Otherworld Audio is ethereal and eclectic. Also, seeing as many games are set in bizarre, unearthly worlds, the name seemed a natural fit.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
The mp3 allows musicians to network and spread knowledge of their work with ease and grace. The counter to this, of course, is that the information super-seaways are guarded by ferocious pirates and sea monsters.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Pete hopes that someday he will be the in-house audio solution for an industry-leading game studio based around challenge and innovation. Every new piece is a step in that direction, and is treated as such.
Your influences?
Martin O'Donnell, Jack Wall, Robyn Miller, Jerry Goldsmith, Howard Shore and Edward Shearmur, Frank Klepacki, Bill Brown, a little bit of Edwin Dolinski and Walt Szalva, plus Tracy W. Bush and Glen Stafford, Tommy Tallarico of course... have to add Nobuo Uematsu as well...
Favorite spot?
Chicago all the way. This is where the great get their start.
Equipment used:
Cakewalk SONAR 8 Producer, an aging laptop, mouse and keyboard (both kinds, from time to time.)
Anything else...?
Times are rough. But that's when the great decisions are made and the world is changed.
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