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A song about being the last person to know when an end has come. Collaboration with Tim Lowe. Larry Ludwick - lyrics, vocal, keyboard and incidentals. Tim Lowe - Sax and Guitar (acoustic and electric).
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Larry Ludwick, Tim Lowe

Wed Jan 04, 2012
Blues : Electric Blues
Take charge
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I went by your house the other day,
But there was no one home.
The door was locked and
The blinds were drawn.

I looked through the edge of the window
Into a barren room.
In a way, the emptiness
Reminded me of you.

Some of my old letters
Were spread across the floor
Like a deck of Tarot cards
You cast away.

I feel you’re gone away.
Not a sign or a parting word.

Like the fading light of day.
You’re gone.
You’re gone away.

I went down to Kelly’s tavern
Looking for a sign of you,
But no one was there,
Just old Maggie behind the bar.

She looked at me
With her pale grey eyes,
She shook her head
And she sighed,

Said, “Ghost boy,
“You’ve already gone and died.
“You won’t be haunting here
“I can foretell.
“She did you in deep inside
“And you’re gone,
Already gone away.”

I feel I’ve gone away.
I don’t know why
I stayed here so long.

Like the fading light of day.
I’m gone.
I’m gone away.

(I’m gone.
I’m gone away.)