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Sonic Beatz
Beatz by Sonic Beatz
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Why this name?
It just came to mind as a song came into my mind!!
Do you play live?
I make beats all day and that's what I do best as a producer...kickin' in the studio!!
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
And you never know it will keep evolving to something else. It's pretty exciting.
Change is a good thing. These technology allow us to reach a new heights.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Absolutely. But only if it really make sense and not to sell out my soul.
Band History:
I started out as an artist/songwriter and had the opportunity to work with major producers and engineers out in NY in the making of demos and realized I just love being in the studio making music than actually going on auditions and performing on stage. I had so much more passion in finding that right synth patch or kick spending hours tweaking them than practicing my show routing. So I have spent more time and focused on production and engineering for the past 10 years. But both experiences gave me the ability to become well rounded as a producer. It's all about the artist and I want to give them what they are looking for.

Your influences?
Just too many to mention but if I put producers I admire would be Timbaland, and the 2 genius musician/producer Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis. They are the greatest for having such a long lasting career and can adapt to fast changing music trend. I have respect to all producers and artist who have made it big and I love learning from successful people.
I listen to many styles of music not just the urban music. knowing all sorts of styles of music only adds more to my writing. I don't put limit to where I can get influences and inspirations from.
Favorite spot?
NYC, Miami and L.A
If I can manage to have studio's in these 3 cities I've accomplished my dream!!
Equipment used:
That's my secret ingredients:)
Anything else...?
Follow me on twitter for the latest updates http://www.twitter.com/sonicbeatz
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