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Rizuan Musical
NEWS   Rizuan The Musical Cd is already out at the stores..........Do check it out at MPH bookstores (Bangsar Village 2, Subang Parade, Mid Valley, One Utama), Formula Bookshop (opposite Hin Hua School Klang) Baptist Bookstore at Penang, Chosen Treasure, Canaanland, Crossway bookstore at Kuching Sarawak, Glad Sounds, Star Maker website and Community Bookstore (Bandar Botanic).

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play hi-fi  It All Comes Down
play hi-fi  In Awe
play hi-fi  You're The Only One
play hi-fi  You That I Want
play hi-fi  Don't Stay That Way
play hi-fi  Take It To The Lord
play hi-fi  On This Day
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Samuel, the main character in Rizuan The Musical is currently pursuing Mass Com and Eunice who plays Michelle is teaching movement class to special kids.
Why this name?
Rizuan is mixparentaged and he is torn in the myriad of decisions and facing identity crisis, his story is unfold in candid humour.
Do you play live?
We have been setting this musical at MRSC 2006, MRSC 2007, Grace Church Shah Alam, This Love Concert at Equatorial Hotel Malacca and Be That Guy Conference. A lot of people have fallen in love with the characters and the persons who play the characters, needless to say, Sam and Michelle have such a draw and magnetism. This musical has becoming the most-loved high-energy short production on top of the very contagious songs that keep ringing in your mind.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Personally I think it helps to spread music faster but nevertheless much thought have to be given to the songwriters' intellectual rights because it is not free when the music is made. It take years of learning, time, money to pay for lessons and studio practise fee, skill and one 's passion in order to enrich our lives with music. Please take care of songwriters too. Buy their CDs.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Band History:
The 'Band' is a band of people who come together simply because we all love live productions. Each of us play a part, either perform, write the script, overseeing the practises, casting, wardrobe, music, etc etc., we all love it so much that we are properly setting up something called Star Maker Experimenting Theatre, or SMET. Experienting Theatre meaning we take actors actresses from ground zero level, give them opportunity to play a role, send them for training sometimes, and by the way, we pay our casts allowance for practises.
Your influences?
Classical music which has rich inspirations and resources of idea.
Favorite spot?
West End London
Equipment used:
Keyboard, guitar and vocal.
Anything else...?
Rizuan the Musical is a custom designed musical. It can be modified to suit your occasion. Better still, have some of your people to act in some of the roles if not all. Everything you need to know about producing this musical is contained in a production note, plus we can send our director to assist you with the production. End result, this is a truly local made production good for your local people. Forget about the foreign accent, just be yourself. There are some dialects mixed into the lines just so to bring it home. You have special talents? Great, it can be custome made into the musical.
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