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The Fabulous Furry Freak
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play hi-fi  Yet Another Piano Improv
play hi-fi  12 String Slide (Part 2)
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play hi-fi  Something Blue
play hi-fi  12 String 12 Bar Blues
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play hi-fi  Something dramatic
I just play music as a hobby. I mostly play the guitar and piano/keyboard, though I've also played around with the banjo, harmonica, melodica and trumpet. I also experiment with electronic music now and then.
Why this name?
I was reading some freak bother comics prior to signing up to this site, so it was the first thing that came to mind.
Do you play live?
I rarely play proper performances or anything very formal, I just jam with friends, and play music at home, college, festivals, anywhere really.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
To be honest, I think its done wonders, many artists can make a name for themselves on the internet, and the best thing is that it allows me to hear music being played by all sorts obscure musicians all over the world. Free MP3 downloads and peer-to-peer software are also taking power away from major record labels, giving artists and independent labels more freedom.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
No. I don't like the idea of my music being owned by someone else.
Your influences?
countless rock, jazz, blues and R&B bands and musicians.
Favorite spot?
The town I live in, it's quiet, ain't much to do, and the local brewery makes some funny smells, but the people are great.
Equipment used:
- my Westfield acoustic is my all round guitar,
- a Yamaha portable grand,
- my Epiphone Resonator is now being put to use as a slide guitar ( snapped the headstock off :( )
- I use my Squier Strat when I want to make allot of noise and feedback,
- I've got a banjo which I occasionally play,
- I occasionally play harmonica and melodica as they're pretty easy to carry around
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