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Freelance journalist/recording artist/musician/producer Zion Antoni was born in manhattan, and raised in the Bronx NY, Via Washington heights. He began honing his talents at a very young age, and at 15 he formed his group. He later joined joined Lost cause clique one of the strongest underground groups of the late 90’s, with long time friends and family. After the group developed solo careers he moved to Philadelphia in pursuit to finish education. And after many years of hardship he founded Manna/gracemusik, in 2003, a production label functioning in music, outreach, and grassroots journalism. After three successful projects including a solo lp, and newsletter, Manna/Gracemusik is now run by Cborn Nacirfa. He founded Thee Urbanpriesthood group LLC in 2007. As chairman of the U.P.G, it functions in freelance journalism, and as an independent record label. Through associations with Barrio Nuevo Ent. CEO Charli-Brown, he spawned hit internet and international singles, and has headed a successful euro tour in 2008. He is also an activist in the palestinain plight. In purpose Zion functions on the independent study of Urban liberation theology, a perspective of the study of liberation theology, founded in the mid-20th century.

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