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NEWS   Another band to keep an eye out for in the Charleston, South Carolina area is Flatwoods Salamanders. I play guitar and bass with them. And our drummer is a sometimes QUAH member.
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play hi-fi  Vernon's Love Theme
I'm Roy Brooks and I play guitar. When I book a gig Quah is the band name I go with. It's usually a trio. And we play improvisational psychedelic music as well as a few instrumentals similar to what you hear on "Vernon's Love Theme". We are not an entirely instrumental band though. I sing. Besides my own tunes Quah does a few select covers by the Meat Puppets, Butthole Surfers, and Folk Implosion. And we play as many space jams as we can get away with.
Why this name?
It fits on the sign outside. Random Dude Orchestra has too many letters.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I don't spend much time thinking about the internet. I'm from a time when we used to sit down and listen to LPs in their entirety. I buy my records from the record store. And then they are put into my massive collection.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Probably, as long as a huge advance is involved so I can buy some more vintage guitars, amplifiers, and stompboxes. I'll do it for a 1955 goldtop Les Paul.
Band History:
I booked some gigs earlier this year and got a couple of my friends to play them with me.
Your influences?
Hampton Grease Band, Meat Puppets, Melvins, Built To Spill, Butthole Surfers, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Yes, Focus, Gentle Giant, Link Wray, Glenn Phillips, Curt Kirkwood, Jan Akkerman, Chet Atkins, Jerry Garcia, Bob Elsey of Swimming Pool Qs, Tom Hobson, Jorma Kaukonen.
Favorite spot?
In an old graveyard.
Equipment used:
Guitars- Fender Telecaster, Gibson Firebird, Ibanez Destroyer, Gibson Flying V, Epiphone Olympic

Basses- Gibson Ripper
Drums- your guess is as good as mine.
Guitar and bass amplifiers- Fender Twin, Marshall JMP, Peavey VTM60, Peavey Rock Master, Peavey Combo 300.

Stompboxes- Way too many too mention all. Univox Super-Fuzz, Big Muff Pi, Guyatone Harmonic Distortion, Washburn Stack In A Box, Morley JD10, Ibanez DCL Digital Stereo Chorus, Deluxe Memory Man, Scholz Rockman Distortion Generator, Ibanez FL99 Classic Flange, ProCo Rat R2DU, Fulltone Deja Vibe, Guyatone Slow Volume, DOD Wah/Volume, Thomas Organ Cry Baby
Anything else...?
Just want to give a holla 2 my peeps and pay respects to our fallen homies.
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