Perfect Second
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Me and Eye
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play hi-fi  More Than Words
play hi-fi  Misery '11
play hi-fi  Captive My Thoughts
play hi-fi  Eclipse '11
play hi-fi  This is Why We Can't Have Nice Things
play hi-fi  All Along the Watchtower
play hi-fi  The Thue-Morse Sequence
play hi-fi  Earthrise
play hi-fi  Revelations
play hi-fi  The Inner Light WIP
You might know me from various forums, I post as DDTonFire.
I also transcribed for the late
Why this name?
A mistake in music theory.
Do you play live?
Hope to do so!
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Probably not. I have other ambitions.
Band History:
One day, I bought a guitar.
Your influences?
Dream Theater, Periphery, Anton Bruckner, Joe Satriani, Planet X, Genesis, Chimp Spanner,
Equipment used:
EBMM JP 7, Ibanez Rg350, Line 6, SM57's, Logic 8, Reason, Superior 2.0, a variety of free plugins
Anything else...?
Hi mom!
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